What causes a dramatic drop in progression levels over a short period of time

I noticed after my workout today that my progression levels, specifically vo2 max, has dropped by more than half. Right now it’s at 2.8.

And less than a week ago it was at 6. I can’t find a way to see my full progression levels in the past, but you can see it on the last workout I did before the drop (on Jan 23rd).

I’m not surprised that they dropped, I had covid earlier in the month and wasn’t able to work out for a week and I had a couple of crappy workouts just before I realized I was sick and after I felt recovered enough to try a workout.

That said, I was kind of surprised at how dramatically it dropped. I don’t know how the software figures the level adjustments, so I’m not questioning if it’s right or wrong, I’m just trying to understand the reason behind the seemingly steep drop.

If you hover over the red bars it’ll tell you what led to any recent changes


Ah thanks!!

:face_exhaling: I hate getting sick

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