What caused him to crash? (Crash on the Nufenenpass)

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I like to learn from crashes; someone getting something out of a bad experience.

Everyone, what caused the crash…go!

Ambition ahead of adhesion as Martin Brundle would say.

On the face of it, it looks like he simply carried too much speed, but Safa makes it and is even able to avoid at the same speed.

That could be because of his less than ideal body positioning - he puts a lot of weight inside of the bike, different tyres or even a carrying too much brake into / panic brake mid-corner.


Also appears to misjudge the corner. Turns in too early, sits it up, then tips back in but due to earlier error is now quite tight to the inside of corner as the corner tightens up. Decreasing the radius turn with too much speed and I think he is dragging the brakes as he says himself after the crash ‘too much brake?’

That would be my thoughts and it’s easy to say this after watching the video at 0.5 speed. Much harder to do it IRL.

Guess the takeaway is better to be earlier on the brakes and on the gas earlier out of the corner rather than too late on the brakes and not make it out of the corner.

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Four frames, he’s already in trouble in the first frame and traction is lost completely by the third frame. Tire scrubbing is audible but I’m not sure if that is from the crashing rider or the following rider. It seems to sync pretty clearly to the rear tire kicking out but I can’t tell.

To my eye he carried too much speed into the corner and to compensate leaned/countersteered the bike until the lean angle exceeded the traction (and braking?) ability of the front tire. It looks almost like the rear breaks free first but I think it happens after the front goes, just a fraction of second between them. Looking at the front wheel above, the steering angle becomes excessive (frame 2) before the rear slides.

This is the third corner

I also think he turned in too early, possibly because of road position and the oncoming cyclist. It’s clear he commits, realizes his error and holds to adjust his line bc of early entry, and then has to fully commit at a bad entry point and speed.

Corners like that are always super hard. Made harder because he takes the other lane on entry but then tries to keep it in the correct lane on the exit. So you kinda enter like you’ve got twice the room to exit but then try to pull it back mid-corner.

I think that’s what leads to the double entry as well as trying to trail brake through the corner.

I think he planned to have a little more distance to brake. But then he saw the other cyclist and quickly brought it in to stay clear of her. However in doing this, he reduced the additional braking distance he would have had if he stayed wide a little longer. This resulted in using too much brake.

A lot of good answer’s already - his line choice and apex was off with too much speed. He tried to compensate and put too much weight on the front tire causing the rear to come out from under him. If you watch the video running up to it he had some occurrences that threw that turn off…

He definitely turns in too early, realises and has a second attempt at correcting with more steering angle.

I don’t think that’s why he crashed, but perhaps indicative of his mindset and best indication that he probably trailed the brakes too far out of fear that he was going to run too wide on exit.

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