What Brand of Iodine Brush?

Do you guys use iodine brushes? If so, for those who have to buy their own, which ones are good?

Don’t mind a scar or two but getting too many these days . . . I thought that it was an anachronistic Dark Ages medical procedure that I heard about in the early nineties, but it seems that the pros use it:

I have no idea which one is good. Is this one good?

Thanks in advance!

That looks interesting, but from reading the amazon link this is for pre-op scrubbing of hands/arms for medical personnel, this doesn’t look like it is intended for use on wounds.
I’d be interested to hear if it is suitable for abrasion cleaning, as having something like this in a first aid kit would be really nice. I’ve been thinking about what to have in a first aid kit for cleaning abrasions, and don’t have any great ideas.