What are your unpopular cycling opinions?

It’s a tongue-in-cheek hot take from my own history. My aerobic performance between 12 hours a week and 3 hours a week is basically the same.

I feel every hour too, it just doesn’t benefit me that much :frowning:

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My observation is that RPE, stamina and even high-power output / punch is better when doing 10 hours per week.
But yes, FTP is probably 10-15 watt difference. :smile:


I will say 5-6 hrs a week is plenty to have fun in cat 4/5 races. Probably not going to be blowing the doors off people even in the cat 5 races, but you’ll be fit enough to have fun.

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@FergusYL I want to believe you’re making this up, but sadly know you are not!! :laughing:

If I ever heard someone on a call actually say “…we need to solution that…” / “…it was fairly easy to solution, we just ____” , I would immediately quit working at that company.

And start my own company. That builds time machines. And devote all of my time and energy, 20 hrs a day, to inventing one and getting it to work.

So that I could go back in time and be standing behind the person on that call, and stab them in the neck the second that a$$-hat, new wave “e-comm biz speak” lingo fell lazily out of their talentless face!!! :laughing:

My lordy. I’m legit so sad for you, to hear that you’ve actually heard that drivel IRL !!! :laughing: Stay strong, brother!!!


Agreed. Conversely when telecommunications companies refer to a “monthly spend”, as though “spend” is a noun. No, people. “Spend” is a verb, “solution” is a noun, not the other way around. :person_facepalming:

My favorite unpopular cycling opinions:
1: Coffee is a performance-enhancing substance, not a beverage. :face_vomiting: Hot chocolate or chai, please.
2: Chainring tattoos are a badge of honor.
3- Hydraulic brakes are overkill on a road bike that is not a tandem or cargo bike. (I’ve never had any trouble popping an endo on rim brakes. If you’re riding somewhere that needs hard braking, you should be in the drops anyway, because hands slip off hoods. (That needs its own point.))
4- Hoods are an unsafe position. Drops FTW. Reposition the levers down if you’re not flexible enough to reach the gear paddles or brake levers from the drops.
5- Dual carriageway highways are better than back country roads with blind corners & no shoulders.
6- Knicks are better than bib shorts, especially when wearing multiple layers up top that are required to be removed when relieving oneself.
7- Double figures on the celcius scale = summer kit. It’s better to underdress by 10-15°C & feel cold for the first five minutes before warming up, than to be warm when you start & have to strip off layers. It’s especially bad if you run out of places to stash the extra layers.

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Mine is that narrow tires are faster.

It’s either comfort or speed - pick one.


Kinda agree. I noticed the same thing. But while my FTP didn’t change that much. Everything else got a huge boost from just riding more. I can repeat efforts more easily, longer rides feel easier, off the bike i recover faster etc etc.

/me points in the general direction that is a ton of testing and research that this opinion is just objectively wrong.

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Don’t believe the lies put out by “big rubber” :smiling_face:

I honestly haven’t read or seen anything convincing, fastest tyre is the narrowest you are comfortable with.


I believe Taylor Swift may be behind that too.

Wow, wish I was like this.

Massive difference for me.

Over 12 hours 280 - 290 ftp and much better repeatability stamina, can hit very close to fresh peak power after 3 - 4 hours

< 5 hours 220 - 230w FTP, rubbish stamina, whole PDC drops, one sprint and I get off the bike and walking after it.

Same with pace in running, time on feet is massive for performance.

Volume is king :prince:


What is “knicks”? As in “knicks are better than bibshorts”.

You would need a Space Time Machine. A time machine wouldn’t be all that helpful.

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Think he means bibs without the straps:


Hah, I assume he means knickers, capri pants, pedal pushers, clam diggers…the long bibs/short pants

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I thought knickers meant underwear :rofl:

Heh, I’ve come to think that there is a subset of people whose sole marketable talent is speaking this nonsense language.

There’s no other explanation. There’s idiot executives that hire people who have no idea what they’re doing, and take the easy route by hiring idiots that use lots of cutting edge nonsense buzzwords that make it sound like they’re immersed to the industry. It’s insane. I’ve met some people who talk like this…and they couldnt solutionize making a ham sandwich.


Yeah. I’m kind of surprised there are people who have NOT heard people talk like this. The big consulting firms all do, at the least. I just consider it typical corporate speak. Like you see on Corporate Bingo cards. Maybe people who haven’t worked in big businesses?


I’d say that is most people. I dont have any demographics…but I dont think a majority of people work white collar jobs at very large corporate companies.


I think you typo’d there with the double negative.