What an effin' wally

I’ve got an indoor smart bike with Garmin Vector pedals on it. A few nights ago after a few weeks of hearing the odd crunch, the bottom bracket on it finally made it’s way to bike heaven. I can’t complain with nearly 3000 miles clocked up on it and replacement bearings costing £12

So keen to keep my training on track I borrowed an Elite Elastigel trainer from a mate and fitted my Defy to it with the same Garmin pedals from the smart bike.

I decided to do a rare sweetspot workout, and found it really really tough.

So inspected my HR from Garmin and thought there’s something not right here, i’m far too much in the red for sweetspot surely?

The next day I realised that my crank lengths are different on my smart bike and the Defy, (170 v 172.5mm), and after a quick google came to the conclusion my pedals were under reporting by a small percentage, and as I had completed a decent VO2 max a few day’s before the sweetspot ^, i’m maybe fatigued also. All seems well.

Last night I though I better ease off and just do an Endurance ride, so quickly (without putting my glasses on), I adjusted the crank lengths to what I thought was 172.5mm.

Eager to get going, I just hit hit calibrate not really looking whilst getting shoes on etc jumped on bike and after 10-15mins I gave up, My HR was far higher than normal for 150W etc, and my legs were toast and I was good for nothing.

Lying in bed last night I’ve all sorts of bad thoughts going through my head, I’m getting ill, trying to do too much, i’m finished! lol etc etc

Today, my mate asked me to go a run outdoors. He’s recovering from Covid so I though yeah I’ll go and we’ll have a really easy day and a catch up etc, and I’ll take the Defy with the Garmin pedals on it.

Setting up to go and calibrating the pedals with my glasses on with a little more time, I noticed that I’ve set the cranks up at 112.5mm last night :hushed:, resulting in the pedals under reporting by about 35%!

The relief!

It won’t happen again :rofl:


Ha ha that is good one!

glad you figured it out - stuff like that drives me crazy

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Yeah, I was thinking I’ve crashed really quick :rofl:

To add insult to injury, outdoors today I done 5, 10, 15, 30 sec efforts and a few blasts on decent hills, and I got home an my battery was duff on the pedals.

I’ll need to get a set of prescription glasses for the bike, I can hardly read my Garmin :unamused:

On that note, here’s an interesting one.

I was at the optician a few months ago, and she basically prescribed me for reading my PC monitor.

But during the appointment I said, I struggle to see my Garmin but I can see ahead and what’s away out front no bother.

She said well, we could make to a set of glasses with one eye set for close vision so you can read your bike computer, and your other eye will do your longer vision.

I thought that was mental/brilliant.

This is apparently quite common for cyclists - I heard about it at our local velodrome!

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I think i’ll try bonding one of the lenses from a cheap pair of spec to the inside of my cycling glasses.

Probably end up in a hedge.

Yeah my near vision is shit - I just switch from a bolt to a karro 2 to get the bigger screen - hoping the color and stuff helps. I am the same thou, anything a meter or more out I can see great - its just within that meter.

can’t see myself going with one eye normal and one magnified - I would be motion sick for sure

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The optician seemed to imply it was standard practise. :face_with_monocle:

Not sure if they do 105/Ultegra/Dura Ace versions though :grin:

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My eyes have definitely deteriorated since Covid… and i haven’t had it yet.

Too much screen time of various electronics instruments i think… that don’t make music!:grinning:

I always thought Garmin could easily improve the crank size selection process by giving menu options for the usual crank sizes (160, 165, 170, 172.5, 175) rather than making you enter it manually. Would make life simple and easy and you wouldn’t have had this problem

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There was a sunglass company awhile ago that basically did this…had small maginfication spots on the bottom of the lens so you could see your bike computer easier.

I wish someone would come up with an aftermarket version so you didn’t have to be stuck with only one brand of glasses.

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I ride with these bifocal reader sunglasses. Not the coolest looking but good enough. Being able to read the Garmin is kind of important.


Yup…pretty sure that was the company I was thinking of.

I use these on my ski goggles and on a pair of sunglasses I like.


That’s a great idea…… cheers👍