Welcome to Instagram Nate

Be sure to add “Cat5pro” as a friend…


@Nate_Pearson will be sharing all his secrets to keep his hair like that all the time?
I bet he gets out of a 2hr ride with the hair shining.
A local casino should open a line of over/unders products he already tested. I guess 25,5 a good ballpark!


Nutrition for sure! Your Brooklyn 99 meal looked :ok_hand: :ok_hand: maybe something like “what I eat in a day”


I swear to god this is 100% true…after @Nate_Pearson posted to his IG story about his carbs for the day, the next (sponsored) story that came up on my feed was from Popeye’s. :flushed:

At first I thought it was just a continuation of Nate’s story and that was his lunch… my immediate reaction was “Those aren’t carbs, buddy…” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Been following your carb load on Instagram @Nate_Pearson :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Feeling topped off?? Good luck with the races this weekend!

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Oh yes, legs and muscles in general feel giant

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Nice tour of the Trainerroad office. :+1:


When he first got on Instagram I expected his bio to be

“CEO and Co-founder of TrainerRoad
I’m 6’6”, I’m not fat and I eat a lot”

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Has the @Nate_Pearson Instagram experience ended? Oh never mind it is now https://www.instagram.com/tr.nate/

Oh sweet!
Personally I love seeing people’s day to day training/workouts- I find it really fascinating to see the different approaches people take towards a goal or event.

Thank you for the meal stories @Nate_Pearson :ok_hand:

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@Nate_Pearson One meal you can test is my vegetarian take on spaghetti bolognese. Instead of using beef mince I use lentils. Double carb source + enough protein :muscle:

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