Welcome Nate to Oz

Just wanted to welcome Nat to a windy Heffron park. Nice to meet him in person.

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How did he go?

Andrew did we meet today? Who’s riding tomorrow? Strava had 80 people at one point.

Today you would have heard the nuclear explosion of my legs around the world! Heffron is as hard as I expected.

Hoping to see you all tomorrow… and please, be gentle. Dead after the race

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How did you go? Did you have a blue kit on today and hair like Coach Pete :slight_smile:

Me to my legs are still cramping. Can’t get enough fluid back into me either. Almost hit the wall riding home :confused:

@robcumine I’ll be there tomorrow (today?)

I’m driving now though, because well, I’m still out.

See you there! (Red kit, wings on legs)

Trying to get there today…not too sure . Yeah a windy Heffron is a tough day out. Hope you had fun