Weird distribution biking vs running in Triathlon planbuilder taper?

Hi, I approaching a half IM in 2,5 weeks and using planbuilder but it looks weird looking at the biking/running distribution. Last week 3:45 bike / 4:40 run, this week 3:45 bike / 3:50 running, next week 2:00 bike / 3:45 running. So I do no think this is correct and will modify myself to increase bike time and stay or decrease the run. Any comments to this? Planbuilder bug? Always before, in all phases there is much more bike than run.

What volume are you on and what are your PL levels?

Have you skipped any runs?

Plan builder is doing some weird things in my triathlon full low volume recovery week too, 4hr30 aerobic ride on a Thursday night…

Medium vol, might have shuffled but then rather been running a bit more or harder than the plan due to some races but still. My know-how/experience tells me that bike should almost always have a ratio of approx 2:1 to running…

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Yeah, that is strange… One can always re-shuffle for weekdays but that is one long recovery :slight_smile:

Okay, based on some different problems I had I’m going to make an educated guess.

Think the basic template weeks 5 and 6 of speciality HD have a little more bike than run.

You have relatively low PLs for Endurance and Tempo, so I think you’re getting shorter than ‘templated’ workouts from TR in order for you to complete them. Run an AI FTP detection if you haven’t recently.

They do tend to taper the run much later than most plans, so I suspect it’s just your bike volume is low. As long as you are making your 4ish hour run weeks okay I wouldn’t change the plan there.

If you increase the bike time, I would decrease the intensity.

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Agree, I think that is correct and I am doing kind of what you are suggesting. But I think planbuilder should be able to take care of this. As going to reality, I cannot really see cases where you run equal or more than biking.

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Yes, I would raise it with support as well. They are due to revise the half and full distance tri plans and may be able to fold other changes in with that work.

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