Weight Sessions - Hips, Knees, ankles (Linked to Recent Podcast)

Looking for some guidance and input, the recent podcast talked around doing some body and then progressive weighted workouts to help Hip, Knee and Ankle strength, i am 53 this is my second season with TR though i feel i am pushing harder and reaping better results, i am noticing some areas i feel would benefit from some strength work, my reluctance so far has been that this may set me back on the bike (i know i will get muscle soreness etc)…

I’m coming to end of SSB2 next week is recovery before build starts and would like to introduce some simple sessions during the light week next week. I am aware of the 5 simple moves TR has but these did not seem to cover it (maybe i’m wrong !)

So in line with guidance will do these end of day with TR sessions in morning, my current thought process was rowing machine warm up then follow with 10-15 mins body moves… then stretches (i am really bad not doing these ) progressing slowly through build phase… The Sufferfest app i see has some recommended intro beginner moves which look like a good place to start…

Interested in any specific set routines … noting i do want to take this easy to begin with…

Here’s a core / glutes / back routine you could do even daily without it impacting your TR workouts:

  1. Glute Bridges
  2. Speed Skater
  3. Monster Walk with Band
  4. Standing Glute Kickbacks with Band / Cable
  5. Step Up
  6. Clamshells
  7. Bird Dog
  8. Boat Pose
  9. Plank
  10. Side Plank
  11. Dead Bug
  12. Single Leg Touch-down squat
  13. Warrior 3 - “Airplane”

Start by

  • Going through it 1x / 2x per workout, from start to finish, and then progress to 3x through.
  • Doing 12 reps of each exercise, except for the plank / side planks which are 1 minute each to start

As you progress, you can substitute more difficult variations of each exercise. For example for glute bridges, you can progress to do them one legged, on a Swiss Ball, etc.