Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

What do people consider thier biggest barriers in successful long term weight loss?

As there seems to be a bit more interest in this I have extened the soreadsheet out to Boxing Day.

I tend to train more in the summer (although not this year) but also eat disproportionately more. Every summer I gain loads of weight, holidays & just eat much more, and most winters I lose most of it with a small blip for Christmas but thats back off by mid January.

Why? I really should think about this.


Yep, same here. When I’m doing 8-10 or more hours a week with most of it outside, I’m constantly ravenous but also want to make sure I’m properly fueled. Eating more on the bike has helped, but I’ve definitely put on 5-10 pounds since April.

So I’ll be going back on this mid-September once the races and such are done. Hopefully I can keep it nice and steady, so I’ll be able to plan for that extra weight if necessary.

For me its sticking to the plan.

Mostly because weight loss and maintenance is really a long term plan (like years). Losing weight isn’t that hard per se; intake fewer calories than you expend in a day. Its just that after you hit the numbers, you need to have a plan to transition into maintenance eating for like a month or so and then make plans after.

This is my second go at significant weight loss. I was successful the first time because I followed my plan to lose weight exactly and was successful. It was the transition to a new lifestyle / plan to consolidate what I had accomplished that wasn’t done well. Put all the weight back on and then some.

I’d also say that a hard aspect of long term weight loss is that…its really long to achieve and the work involved is really boring. You need to be patient and just achieve your day to day goal. Not glamorous at all.

For me, i’d say boredom.

If i’m busy at work, out and about etc, i don’t snack. However, if i’m sat around twiddling my thumbs, i get hungry and just want to eat.

Also, pick n mix are my downfall massively lol. Absolutely love them!

In good news though, this mornings weigh in i snuck into the 84kg range - just… 84.9kg lol


Here’s a good youtube. The Presenter is a biologist from Stanford. He goes deep any many diets. How to Lose Fat with Science-Based Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #21 - YouTube

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Good video!

Weight for this week logged. Small decrease :+1: one day this week was at 2kg less than this! But that was after a very hot ride.
Am using my fitness pal currently but 2 small things making it easier. Not bothering to track raw vegetables because their calorie count is so low unless used in huge amounts. Saves a bit of time and faff and also if it gets to dinner time and I’m around 1000 cal deficit left I’m not bothering to track (obviously not eating a burger, and a pint of ice cream etc) as I know it will be less than 1000 cal really.

Just a couple of things making consistency with tracking easier.

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Solid week. Lost .7 kg which I’ll take. Tough to see “only” this loss when I was averaging roughly 1kg a week prior.

I was walking heavy most of the week. I think this was mainly due to the fact that I’ve started walking much more as a routine after 2 weeks of covid. Baby steps to get back to exercise but it felt good to get out.

Plan to start lifting again this week. So I’m expecting weekly weight loss to slow further as I hold onto water. So expecting things to slow despite my diet being pretty much fully dialed in at this point.

Have a good week everyone!

Random q but, would it be ok to report 10-day average on reporting days or just weight on the day?

I think a 10 day rolling average better expresses where one is at without daily fluctuations. I use an app called Happy Scale and it has been great in reporting trends rather than focusing on the day of the weigh in (tho it does both)


Of course that is fine. It is whatever works for you. The trend is what is important not weight on a particular day. I think it is best to keep a consistent way of measure progress whatever that maybe, I know some people have reported their Tuesday or Wednesday weight as Monday fluctuates for them for some reason (Monday is my most random day as it comes after two days where my training load can vary massively from week to week.)

Outside the spreadsheet shared here I look at my 7 day rolling average. I have often thought about including this option in the spreadsheet, enter daily and have a row for the 7 day (or 10 day) rolling average. I have not done it because some people like to only weight the same day each week and I didn’t want to make it more obsessive, although I might provide the choice at some point.

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Hi there,

I’ve had a strange year with regards to cycling. I had a muscle tear in a quad a few weeks before Xmas , then it took me longer than I thought it would to get back to 100% normal. When I was hitting my stride in June, I got covid. I got weird tachycardia when exercising for a few more weeks so the covid bout made me stay off the bike for like a month.
During the years I developed bad eating habits due to my cycling. Cycling gave me the green light to drink booze, eat heavy stuff , snack out of boredom or because of anxiety etc… Try as I might I didn’t go over 88 kilos and if I strayed to 90, I would get back to 88 with no effort.
I weighed in at 96,6 a few days ago and I need to do something. I am 1,83 metres tall, and I want to go down to the 80/85 range.
My main points of focus are, limit quick carbs in non training days, do tons of Z2 riding, quit booze as far as social life allows, and try to control cravings. I also try to add lean protein here and there to curb hunger . Let’s see how this goes… I think I overdid it the last couple of days and at one point I felt a bit woozy and was visualizing pastries and candy :joy:


I have found great success in losing weight by following some pretty good principles laid out in this article.


/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ this article is brilliant. More people should read it.
Cheers @killroy123 for sharing the link.

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Now reporting my 10 day rolling average weight. Lots of fluctuations this week with me hitting 84.7 and 87.0. Today i’m a bit higher than the average (about 200g) but this seems right to me (especially since I had a cheat meal on Sunday which was very high carb).

Introduction of weight training has been nice. Love being back in the gym. Routine is focused on form and to get my body ready for more significant weight training focus after my diet is completed and I’ve done 12 weeks of a maintenance weight plan.

Notes of this week were that my appetite has tanked and its very easy for me to hit my daily calorie targets. To compensate, I’ve eaten a lot more protein and I’ve begun eating more even when I’m not hungry to make sure I don’t lose weight too fast. Day to day fatigue is up but motivation is still high so I’m just assuming that my body is tired for the extra work I’m doing.

Good luck to everyone this week!

I’ve noticed that even weight lifting once per week has escalated my weight loss.

But I’ve also made a large effort to cut candy out of my diet (AND not replace it with sugar-water).

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Assuming that is KG that’s a huge swing over 10 days! Any idea what causes such big swings?

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Combination of new workout routine and stress. Mostly stress since work has been hectic. Happens.


I don’t see such big swings, perhaps 1kg up maximum if I have a “bad” weekend which usually drops back by the Tuesday!

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Envy that. I retain water like crazy. If I do a hard workout, its not uncommon for me to shed 1-1.5 kg. Carb heavy days can make the scale go up similarly.