Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

No worries. The effects of 1 meal are mostly temporary. The amount of body fat you currently hold is not the result of 1 meal, but the result of how much you ate for the last months.

It is not about what you eat some times, it is about what you eat most of the time.


weight still holding around 206-208 lbs. but keeping in mind that I loaded creatine a couple weeks back and I’ve incorporated weight lifting again (squats, deadlifts, etc) so there’s a lot of muscle memory from my gym rat days that I’m waking up.

still looking forward to being lighter so I can climb better. hit a 14% grade at one point during my ride yesterday and felt the pain!

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A very stressful week at work. While weight loss is ramping up to what I want to see, this was not a week that I’m proud of in how I hit that target (basically not eating because of work and no appetite due to stress). Things should improve this week on that front so I’ll be back to better tracking, macros, and making sure to take in enough food.

Hope you all have a good week this week!

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Overall the past week went well. I started logging my food intake (again) and it helped to keep me focused. However, I had a flare up of achilles tendonitis on Sunday and chose not do do the ride I had planned to do. I felt down about that and ended up eating much more than I should have.


I’m the opposite I tend to stress eat. And my stress at work makes me want to drink :joy:

Hope your work settles down this week. For times like this I think it becomes extra important to try and set aside time for yourself like for an intense workout, even if it’s a 30 min VO2 or tabata style. And if you’ve trended too low for two days or more, maybe increase recovery meal calories to help stay on top of your energy throughout out the day?


Down another .3kg from last week. I’m eating a bit more to stay on top of higher intensity workouts. I haven’t had a dedicated recovery week in 6 weeks but that’s because I know I’m going to have a long period of time off in February. Still taking creatine.

Had a cheat day last week but I’m back on the wagon. The fascat 4 week meal plans really nice to have those recipes and simply meal prep for, balancing macros is pretty easy to adjust the ratios for my meals based on my training.

Finally solidified my race calendar. Trying to hit most of my weight reduction by April, going from 84 to 81kg, then maintenance April 1-7, load up for Tour of Newport News (14-16Apr) and try to lose one or two kg for armed forces classic in June (goal 79).


365 day progress, hit my lowest weight since college last week.


Thank you for your well wishes.

Oh yes, I had 2 days off of just thinking and ate as I saw fit when I wanted. Helped to sort me right back out.

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Down to 83.8kg. January has been really successful, down nearly 2kg from the beginning of the month.

Going to be out of network through 24 Feb. Planning on hitting 81.5 by end of month, and slow it down to 81 or just below it by March for race season.

Really helpful things have been

  • switching from whole milk to almond milk (as such, less calories in my morning coffee and especially cereal if I get a late night craving)
  • lots of big ass salads
  • big reduction in alcohol

Things to improve for Feb

  • complete alcohol cut
  • I do a lot of late night workouts. Thinking about a bigger midafternoon meal and then only a recovery smoothie after the workout (veggies like carrots/kale, a banana, almond milk and protein powder)

94.4 to 92.8. Glad to see a drop finally. Numbers have been a mind game recently even though I know I’m doing what I need to do with respect to ins/outs.

Between rowing, lifting heavy (squats, deads, bench, etc), and the creatine load at the beginning of the month I imagine my actual body composition has changed more positively than the scale leads on.

Cheers all.


A slight gain for me this week to 79.3 on average.

The stress of work and life isn’t letting up unfortunately. Finally relented on Friday, Sat, and Sunday and broke the diet to just recover mentally. Back on track as of Monday but sometimes you just need a break.

Good luck to everyone this week!


177cm & 94kg here - stocky build for lifting. Have run marathons / full IM @ 88kg.

But now I’m in for Leadville 2023, so I need to take weight loss seriously. :grimacing:



Disaster struck for my fat loss plans, kind off. Since almost 2 weeks we have a puppy and my home trainer broke. That means less cycling for now and I have also not gone to the gym. But there are also some rewards:


Welcome! Check out earlier in the thread for a link to a weekly check in spreadsheet killroy123 put together

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Totally worth it


Number of weekly weight-ins has dropped off this week, was going well.


Come on, lets stay accountable. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder. Weight remains stable but body composition changing visibly, on body tape, and according to the scale.

Still I need to be lighter so going to be taking a look at my global strategy. Maybe even a coaching consultation

Thanks to one simple trick, I managed to drop 2kg over the past week.

That one simple trick is a new medication. It was strictly water weight and it’s leveled out. So now I have to actually work hard to lose another 2kg.


Happy Monday guys.

93.75kg today. Weight remains stable and I’m going to have to address it in a more aggressive fashion. That said, there are some positives here and I’m clearly changing my body for the better.

I know these scales aren’t perfect but there is clearly a trend here with my body fat percentage consistently reading around 33% to now ~27% (and my muscle has gone up as well):

On body tape measurements, I lost half an inch since last week across my waist. I’ve lost over 3" off my waist since the beginning of January.

Anyway, here’s to another week. Cheers!


Well done to all those reporting losses - good work!
I’ve gone the other way…I’m trying to get myself off a long established calorie counting addiction - which never resulted in the desired weight loss. But this transition to ‘sensible’ eating is taking time.
It’s simple really - if I eat what I plan for the day, I get to a better weight (I’m now 71.5kg, 171cm, female, 48 - want to get to 66kg). If I snack and get on a sugar rollercoaster, I put on weight.
I have good and bad days!

I did my first ‘longish’ outside ride of the year yesterday - 150km - and my god those extra few kilos hurt and make you slow! A good wake up call.

Grateful to having this group to vent to and read for inspiration. Feeling motivated for the week ahead!