Weight Change (How to make sure it is my actual weight?)

I checked my weight a couple of days ago and found that I am 2 kgs lighter than I was in January. Before I change my weight in trainerroad. I listened to the podcast and was told that I should check the trends over a couple of days before making any decision. For how many days should I record my weight to confirm that I have indeed lost some weight?

Sounds like the podcast has already answered your question then.

Weight fluctuates because of many factors. Weigh yourself daily, at the same time, under the same conditions.

If you are just starting this routine then i would probably weigh myself 3 times, according to the above, before updating my weight but note that changing your weight on TR doesnt actually change anything except your w/kg which probably fluctuates regularly anyway

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The podcast didn’t answer the # of times I should weigh myself. 3 days does seem reasonable.

I base my weight in both TrainerRoad and Zwift on the 7 day average given from garmin. I’ve found that this is a good measurement for me in accounting for day to day differences and long term trending. It’s also the smallest interval garmin will auto generate and I update on Monday of each week. Have thought about doing 3-4 day average but It didn’t really vary by that much from the 7day even when I was losing large amounts of weight

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I weigh myself every other day, take the average over the week. More of an awareness rather than reason to make changes.