Week before event, and what to do after SuPB

I am approaching the end of Sustained Power Build medium volume, I have 2 weeks left. I have accumulated a total of 700 TSS in each of the previous 2 weeks.

Coming Saturday I am doing the Amsterl Gold (240km).

For a number of reasons (past sickness, work committments, etc) the timing of my training plan is slightly off, therefore I cannot do the planned SuBP week 7 this week as I need to taper and rest.

Two questions:

1) What’s the best schedule for me for the current week? I was thinking. Mon off. Tue, Weds and Thu easy spinning at 50% of FTP. Fri ‘Bruuli - 2’ which is a primer. Saturday the Amstel Gold.
2) What shall I do after the Amstel Gold? Carry on with week 7 of SuPB then rest week (week 8)? Does not make much sense. I am racing in several events this year, until mid Sep, pretty much one each month, so it’s difficult to craft a plan around then. I am doing several criterium / 3 hour road races too that are not even in the plan yet, but fair to assume one every Sunday. In terms of the next block after the SuPB medium volume, I was planning to do the Climbing Road Race medium volume (because my weakness is the sustained power for more than 5-6 mins). But not sure how to connect my current week 7 of SuPB with the CRR block, and what to do next week after the Amstel Gold, and also what to do after the CRR. Do the Rolling Road Race block? or go back to Sustained Power Build?

Thanks for reading!

I’d take a recovery week after your event, then start in speciality

Thanks for the suggestion, and after the speciality? Go back to build or start another speciality?
Also, does my plan for this week (the taper week) make sense or is it too light?