Website - All Rides tab not rendering correctly

The workout cards on the All Rides tab for a workout does not look right.


Neither of these workouts is mine, but the timestamp goes to my calendar. Clicking the workout card opens the users workout as expected, but usually that persons name is listed in the card? The pattern continues down through the list as far as I try to scroll.

Thanks for the heads up! Passed this along to the team for sure. Cheers!


Why has the workout creators name been removed as well? Noticed this a few weeks back, improvement or data protection?

Seems pointless as if you click on the workout you can see who created it. Please could you return it to how it was. Did like this as many names I recognised and gives it more of a personal touch of others suffering.

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Hey! This was unintentional and will be added back. Thanks for the heads up!

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Following up… looks half-fixed. I see the user name now, but the hyperlink with the date still goes to my calendar, not the rider. The screenshot is missing the cursor, but I’m hovering over tinman’s ride (hyperlink turned blue and underlined) but you can see the url preview at the bottom of the browser says /app/career/gcarver/calendar… instead of /app/career/tin man/calendar…

Maybe the ticket is still in progress, but maybe not, so I wanted to point this out.

Maybe you know this… clicking on the workout tile will take you to Tin Man’s actual workout.

I do, but the timestamp is clearly for his workout so the link should go to his calendar if it goes anywhere at all.

Agreed. I never thought to click the timestamp and have no idea how it worked in the past.

I think it was all inside the card before. It looks a little funny to me being outside, but whatever. Guessing devs unified the workout card code/templates, but lost some of the special sauce in other places.

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