We built a charity that let's you donate the caloric equivalent of your workout

A while ago we reflected what calories mean for different people. While we are reading scientific papers on how to push even more carbs down our throats per hour, others are not so lucky.

We wanted to do something. But instead of staging a one-off event we were looking for something more sustainable and longer lasting. And so we set out and build a tiny web app, that pulls your most recent workout from strava, converts the burned calories into a cash value based on the current global rice price. And then you can hit a button and donate that value to a charity via PayPal or Stripe.

It is still pretty rough around the edges and for now in German only. But it works, we’re super proud and hope we can make the world a little bit better. Give it a look, try it out and let me know what you think, all feedback is welcome and can help improve the project.


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