Wattbike Coming to Hilton Rooms "5 Feet from Fitness"

Cool concept rooms coming to Hilton and already in the Parc 55 San Fran.

Be nice if you could log into TrainerRoad from their built in display since it already appears to be paired to the Wattbike.



Cool. Or, you know, you could just build better gyms in your hotels?


Can you imagine the smell in the hotel room? I agree, how about putting in the gym? The LifeFitness bikes often are hooked up to the hotel cable. Putting TrainerRoad as an available app would be great.

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Well hopefully they clean the equipment and workout space as well as they clean the comforter on the bed…err wait…never mind. :joy:

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That’s cool, I would like that when traveling for business.

That is first class. I’d choose Hilton over anywhere else purely in that alone even if it’s more expensive really hope this becomes a trend.

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Looking at this again it looks like the mockups are of the original older Wattbike. Wonder if this is Wattbike finding a way to flog off old bikes, or will the rooms come with newer Atoms when it comes ahead…