Wattbike 10% Fitness Gain or money back

I don’t know if this is just a UK based offer but I don’t really see how this claim works when it’s based on 2 fitness tests using RPE as a scale separated by 13 weeks of training. Am I missing something or is this too easy to fail ant gaining 10% fitness and get a free Wattbike?
RPE seems a bad choice for a test, especially since you only have to get to a 7 out of 10 scale to be given your CRF score. Surely what feels like a 7 one could be 6 or 8 another day based on sleep, stress, hydration, etc etc.
You must compete majority of workouts during the 13 weeks and they’re banking on:
a) it’s summer so people want to ride outside
b) 13 weeks spans into school holidays so people will be going away and miss workouts
c) a hope most people spending this money on a stationary trainer fall into the advanced fitness group after first test and disqualify themselves.

If you can guarantee to compete the 13 weeks as prescribed surely all you need do is put a bit too much effort in on the first test, hard to tell exactly what’s a 7, 7.5, 8 on RPE scale after all and then struggle on second test and you’ll not increase score by 10%. I know you need to use a hr strap on each workout but he fluctuates, hence we all train with power!

Looks like the small print says you return the bike for your money back

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Pretty clear on the bottom of the page, in not-so-small writing:

  • If your fitness hasn’t improved after completing at least 90% of the 13-week training programme and you adhere to the above conditions, you can return the bike and get a full refund (minus £60 collection fee). Your refund will be processed within 7-10 days after confirmation of bike and accessories (including heart rate monitor) have been received by Wattbike.

Sorry, totally missed that key point.
Still don’t think an ROE test is a good way to gauge a 10% fitness increase though.

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There are various sub-maximal fitness tests used to estimate aerobic capacity.

If one can’t improve 10% in 13 weeks doing any kind of plan, something is wrong. A few people will complain and get their money back but most aren’t going to collect on this marketing effort.