Want to do a build plan - but which one to choose? build my own?

Hi folks. I’m planning to start an 8 week build phase as early as this week or perhaps next Monday. I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma. I can do the mid-volume in most cases without too much trouble, at least in terms of time on the bike. But with work/kid schedule sometimes that creates issues. For example, on Tuesday mornings I have a standing work meeting that starts pretty early. I still ride on this day but I can generally only get 30-45mins in on the bike.

Another example of possibly tweaking a plan is that weather allowing, I try to do Saturdays outdoors and in some cases those are fun group rides. In other cases, they might be solo rides. We have a lot of rolling terrain here and while sticking to a plan isn’t impossible, it’s not exactly easy with the terrain. But I train to be faster outside and I don’t really want to NOT ride outside on my Saturdays.

So do I choose a low volume plan? Then the days it has me off and I want to ride I pick a “train now” option? Or ride outside? Do I pick a mid volume plan and just know that a day or two each week won’t necessarily stick to the plan exactly and let adaptive training make adjustments?

Do I try to create a custom plan that fits better with my schedule? I want to be productive but also want to enjoy group rides and outdoor riding. For the record if I’m riding solo I don’t mind doing 30x30s or similar when I have terrain that’s suitable. Sometimes I can even got longer sustained blocks in as well, just not as good as indoor riding.

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Pick low volume and add stuff in. On Tuesdays, choose an alternate that fits the time you have.


Ok thanks. I’ve built a pre-lim we’ll see how it goes for a week or two I guess.