Waiting for FTP results

I did a ramp test today, on an older MacBook. Everything seemed to go fine and when I was done the ride saved. But I’ve not yet gotten any notice of my FTP, how long does it usually take?

Straight away you should get a notification. I can’t remember the exact timing, but I think after you have died on the ramps and click to end the test you get the popup, then you go into the cool down.

I did a ramp test last Tuesday. I was notified of the new ftp but my settings weren’t updated so I did it my self. Logged back on the Thursday and the auto update had kicked in. So I would say give it time.

If you aren’t able to figure this out, you can reach out to support@trainerroad.com. They will be able to figure out what your new FTP is! :slight_smile:

You may want to check your FTP history to see if it changed without you seeing the notification here: https://www.trainerroad.com/profile/edit/power-weight-history

That’s what I expected … but nothing popped up

Thanks Ian, I sent an email