Wahoo's future...bleak?

The Speedplay pedals, I think, are an ecosystem purchase. Wahoo wants to be able to follow athletes where they go and keep people in the ecosystem. It’s not about competing for one product.

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Metrigear, the pm pedal that ended up being Garmin, was originally planned for Speedplay. Seems like with the pm pods they have now, Wahoo might be able to expand to other platforms. Speedplay makes more sense as part of wahoo as a means to sell powermeters than as a way to sell pedals, IMO.

I highly doubt this….I doubt they can get what they paid for it, at this point. The lack of market presence for almost 2 years severely damaged their market share.

I say all this as a huge Speedplay fan….been on them literally since they were introduced (still have a pair of the original all-aluminum body pedals) and I was the first product manager to ever spec them on a bike.

Was it 2 years? All I remember is ordering new spindles and waiting long enough i just cancelled the order. (The LBS actually ended up having a set of used pedals someone ‘gifted’ them, so I gutted them and used those spindles) It was the first time I tried to rebuild pedals. They were the first pair I ever owned. The bearings had seized up from sweat, and I was able to get replacements from a local bearing store. The spindles had some pretty serious rust damage. The seals on those pedals were pretty ‘sketchy’, and just kept the sweat inside.

That’s a really really small market. I mean, unless they put a set on each bike they sell, but even then: small market.

I wish Wahoo (or Garmin) would make an add-on light like the Raveman for under the head unit.

It would be designed to fit flush with their head units and look like one unit, using a swappable transition fascia between the head unit and the light. Buy the light and choose the head unit it needs to fit to. One light SKU, several fascia SKUs.

Because the Raveman under the Bolt looks really bad, which is a shame.

That’d probably make them a little money.

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It is a pretty cool device, but it isn’t gonna drive that much revenue for them, IMO.

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The last thing I’d want is something siphoning battery life from my Edge. It’s a good idea but seems like they missed the boat on a version that could charge the connected head unit too. That would be a great niche product that, properly priced, could have people beating down the door to buy one (or two). All I seem to hear is people carping about battery life. (Would it be possible to make it jump a Di2 system when the battery ‘magically’ dies?) Something like this could be like a Swiss Army Knife for the tech marinated cyclist. (But I’m sure licensing fees, etc could tragically kill that idea too)

I’m feeling even more confident about that prediction now the Zwift Play controller has been released :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, the Sterzo Smart got “released”, too…and fizzled massively.

You can see my thoughts on the Play controllers over on that thread.

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So, the signs coming from Wahoo re X and RGT aren’t great

Interesting. According to the Federal Trade Commission:

A naked agreement among competitors to fix prices is almost always illegal, whether prices are specified at a minimum, maximum, or within some range. Illegal price fixing occurs whenever two or more competitors agree to take actions to raise, lower, maintain, or stabilize the price of any product or service.

In case anyone needs a link:


They announced more products, which is good, but if they have the same low level of engineering and manufacturing, that is NOT a benefit. Costs for shipping replacement products (over and over) and the cost of a rework company to do the triage and repair/updates is not free. Someone locally suggested that the prices were high to help payoff the needed post purchase services. Maybe, maybe not.

Price fixing? How do investigators thread that needle? So many items are ‘price controlled’ across many (all) methods of acquisition. Some stuff, no matter where you see it, it’s always the same price. Is that ‘price fixing’? Seems that way to me. When does it become illegal?

Minimum advertised price (MAP) is now standard. I don’t recall when it flipped but it’s everywhere.

The key is “advertised”. You can still get specials but they won’t be easily searchable. In person is one option and I suspect the “add it to the cart to see your price” is another.

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I’m encouraged by the type of products they have announced: they are part of Wahoo’s core product portfolio and aimed at either making their products better or push them down in price. I don’t know the quality, obviously, but it is the right strategy in my mind.


I agree. They left a gap in their pricing scheme, and are filling it finally.

I agree they definitely have the right strategy……but I am concerned about some of the tactics in executing it. I think the Move is too expensive, for starters, and does not reflect the dramatic change in pricing the trainer category is experiencing.

That said, I continually underestimate what people will pay for bike stuff, so….:man_shrugging:


I was stunned, myself. I worked at a local bike shop in a college town, and the high end bikes that were sold to students was kind of mind blowing. A bunch were sold to profs too, but where were these people riding too. There was a student that had a custom chrome-moly bike with Campy Super Record, and camouflaged it with several different cans of spray paint. Someone stole it, and after making a huge deal over someone stealing his ‘ugly bike’ (worth big money), it was returned.

And Schwinn brought out there ‘Velocipeed’ trainer. Had to have been the first and most amazing, and amazingly expensive trainers for that day… (Can’t find it on the internets to verify the spelling) The LBS I worked at had one, and it actually sold too. The manager wanted to keep it around for a while, but the owner seemed happy it sold.

Want to know how to make a million dollars in the bike industry? Start with two…

Velodyne. Rode one for years….it was a great trainer.

(No, I don’t wear a helmet on the trainer,I was testing different aero helmets for fit, etc. :crazy_face:)