Wahoo Snap, power match, off set problem

I have felt that my inside power numbers using a Wahoo Snap trainer are 30 points different that my outside training numbers using a Power2max power meter. At TR support suggestion I mounted the MTB bike with the power meter on the Wahoo Snap. Both the Snap and the Power2max power meters were calibrated as instructed. While riding the power meters agreed from either perfectly to up to 40 watts different (Power2max gave higher power consistently). The offset was measured as 1286. I was expecting an offset number of 30, as I understand offset to be the difference in power readings. TR is of little use to me if I can’t do my outside workouts with accurate power numbers between inside and outside workouts. Please help.

What do you mean by offset? Do you mean the value you are shown when you calibrate? If so than that is just a value that the power meter or trainer returns, it varies by device and doesn’t actually mean anything useful. My stages return 880 , my Favero return 0 and my tacx vortex would return something like 12467?

What would be more useful, if you can’t permanently use your power meter on your trainer, would be to use an tool like DC rainmakers analyser to assess what the deference in reported power is at various levels.

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The Snap is hideously off on mine, to the point of having the power meter function being about worthless. Fortunately the road bike I use on it has a Vector so I can use power match.

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