Wahoo roam on two bikes with two different cadence sensors

I use a Wahoo Roam on my road and mountain bikes. I just got a gravel bike, looking to use it on there too. However, if I put a cadence sensor on the gravel bike, and there is already one on the road bike, will the Roam head unit pick it up/use it as well? Thoughts?

Yes, the Roam will pick it up. As a suggestion the first time you pair the new cadence sensor make sure you are a decent distance from your old one, and that your old cadence sensor hasn’t been activated (it and the bike have been dead still) for at least 10 minutes. Then out the aroma in search for new sensor and wake up the new cadence sensor. If you haven’t already, I would name the two cadence sensors to make it easier in the future to check that you are connected to the correct one.

For example: I’ve named my bike power meters as RoadPM and GravelPM. Not very original, but clear which is which

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I have speed sensors on the road and MTB and I don’t have a problem pairing to either one. The computer knows to pair to the sensor 3 feet away and won’t search for the sensor on the bike at home

I do wish they had bike setups like Garmin where I could program screen setups for road and for MTB, I have it on various screens now but I think Garmin is smoother with that

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