Wahoo Kickr vs Powermeter (Indoor/Outdoor?) or Pedalling Efficiency

Hello, maybe it is a difficult to answer but I have some ‘strange?’ power differences when training indoors and I was wandering what could be the cause for this.

I normally ride a Tacx Neo 2T indoor but also have a stages left crank powermeter and assioma dual pedals. Sometimes I do some dual recording so to compare the valiues. It is mostly ok between those 3 devices. But, indoor vs outdoor (FTP) I have the impression I can push 10-15W more outdoor then outdoor. I think it is the inertia kind of thing I am not at good in when riding indoors. Pedalling Efficiency?

Well, now I had the opportunity to test a Wahoo Kickr a couple of weeks. And this trainer give me ±10w more then my powermeters. My question? What is correct? Maybe the wahoo kickr is better for me then the Neo? Because I can now deliver the same wattages outdoor vs indoor? Also, I feel that the Kickr would give me better numbers when going harder (in zwift races). I can get higher numbers also in 30-1min performance. With the Neo, I had always the feeling that something was holding me back.

Yesterday, I did some Z2 riding and test the stages vs assioma vs kickr power outcome. What I noticed afterwards were some power spikes on the kickr that were not on the stages. You can see this here below…

For the ride there was 5W difference between Stages and Kickr. But when I focused more on my pedal technique, I saw that the power values were much close? Does this sound strange? Is it my pedal efficiency that is holding me back from the same power numbers? And is the way the kickr and the neo calculate power maybe different to also give other numbers?

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It’s perfectly normal to be able to push more watts outside! For some its the reverse, they can push more watts inside, or at least find it easier to keep the watts steady (roads aren’t usually pan flat here in Sweden for example which makes the watts fluctuate normally)

I would just ride with the same PM indoors as outdoors, and I guess the Assiomas is the best choice for this?

And just have the trainer on PowerMatch.

And finally, don’t fuss too much about pedalling mechanics.

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