Wahoo Kickr Core incompatible with Trek Emonda 2021

Received this from Wahoo re producing a new adaptor:

“This is something we are looking at however, we do not have a timeline for this and will likely have news in the new year.“

Seems slightly less hopeful than feedback others have received

You just need 3 minutes with a bench grinder or maybe 20 with a hand file.

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I’ve used the nut and bolt method suggested with a cheap hand file and the outcome is actually not too bad…

Unfortunately I’ve also realized too late this issue and the damage to my new TCR frame is done, hopefully someone out there can advise if it’s serious or just cosmetic…

I just bought these files and honing oil. Do you think this will get the job done and file down the adapter well enough? Please let me know if anyone has successfully used a similar tool or if I should buy something else. I can’t buy a lathe or find a shop near me that would do such a thing…

I don’t think the honing oil or stone are required or even helpful.

The file should work, although I think a flat file might be more appropriate and a bit easier to use. It looks like you’ll have to take a fair bit of material off, so a handle for the file would be helpful too.


I did it with a file. Will send pictures when I get home

I tried the drill thing. Ate through my file, not the adaptor. File only worked when I did it by hand… what did you use to cut it down?

I’ve used a standard double-cut flat file, you can see it on top of the tray of my bike stand in the picture… did you use a single-cut file? These are supposed to be only used in a certain direction and if used in the wrong way will dull the file and not the metal.

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Damn… didnt know about double / single cut files

Wahoo has finally updated their site, but it now just has an asterisk for the 2021 models that were previously listed as incompatible, and it says
" **Additional adapters may be required, please contact customer support for further inquiry.*"


I’d be willing to bet that’s just cosmetic, but maybe get it checked.

Thanks, I submitted a ticket and will report back

UGH - Wahoo seems to have removed the update about the adapter form their site, it’s reverted back to just saying it is incompatible. Additionally, I received two conflicting responses from them.

From December 3rd:
"We have now confirmed with trek that the AL domane will work with the kickr (as per their support staff).
Please still exercise caution when using it, however according to Trek, the frame should work. "

And from today:
“Thank you for contacting Wahoo. Currently, the 2021 Trek Domane is not compatible with the V5, 18 KICKR or CORE. In partnership with Trek, we are actively investigating potential solutions to the incompatibility issue, but we do not have a timeframe for this yet.”


Don’t worry, I screenshotted it :wink:


You can get your compatible axel adapter here

Just like some of you I got my bike and trainer without reading the fine print


Does anyone know if the Wahoo 12x142 thru axle adaptor will resolve this issue for the Kickr core, or is it just not compatible at all?

Wahoo got back to me again… changing their mind for the 4th time. Looks like AL models of Domane are in fact OK to continue using.

While I see that its difficult to guarantee compatibility for all bikes, it wouldnt be that hard to make adapters that would fit 99,9% of all bikes. Seems to me like hub manufacturers is pulling it off.

The Wahoo adapters is just a result of an extremely poor design, because they are trying to save money on making one adapter work for both 142 and 148 spacing.

The same goes for the Tacx Neo where allmost all Shimano road disc brake calipers rub or have allmost zero clearance against the trainer.

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I got a reply from Wahoo saying that they will be releasing a new adapter in the coming months.

In the meantime I think the easiest option is finding a machine shop or ordering from ebay

Hi all. Saw this thread and seem to have the same issues with my Emonda…

I emailed Wahoo and they said “unfortunately, as for now, there is no workaround for this incompatibility issue, we are very sorry. The issue is not with the Thru axle, is with the geometry of the frame’s dropouts.” and that there is no ETA for a fix.

I bought one of the machined adaptors from Ebay so will see how that works!