Wahoo Kickr climb base size


I have ordered a Kickr Climb and want to build a full size rocker plate to replace my smaller trainer only one. Can anyone tell me what size the Climb’s footprint is? Is the fork mount relatively central or rather fore or aft in relation to the base?


I am not home to measure, but a quick search shows this:

  • image

The axle is roughly centered on that 17" length (maybe a bit more to the front half), but it does shift a bit depending on the specific axle height.

  • image image
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Thanks, @mcneese.chad :slight_smile: From the pictures, I would say that I should probably leave 12" from what is now the contact point of my front wheel to the end of the long plate.

If anyone has a Climb on a full size rocker plate, it would be great if you could give me a reference of how much space I need from the perpendicular dropped from the fork axle to the front of the board.

Do 2" from the front end of the Climb to the font end of the plate sound sufficiently save to you? Or is this already overkill?

Thanks :+1:

I built my plate with approx. 12" from the centre of the front wheel to the end of the plate, but I’ve almost 4" of room from the front edge of the climb.


Thanks, @clasher 4" seems plenty. I guess that 10" form the axle perpendicular to the front of the plate will do.

I just double checked on the Wahoo website. They state a length of 7" - that is a typo, right?

No idea how I could miss the dimensions before, sorry.

As for the plate, does 69"/170cm sound about right to you all? The bike is a 61cm Roubaix SL4 with 1045mm wheelbase.

The pic Chad posted says 17" x 5" which seems closer to the footprint of my climb.

My rocker is 65" long so you should be fine with 69"


Great, thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:

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