Wahoo Kickr and Garmin Fenix 6S

I just bought the Garmin Fenix 6S smart watch and have the Wahoo Kickr. Can I have TR see my heart rate from the Fenix 6S? TR shows no new devices to add when I try to add the watch from the phone app. I’m hoping there is a way to do this rather then having to use a HR strap.

You have to turn on broadcasting from the watch.


Settings - sensors and accessories - wrist heart rate - broadcast.

I’m not sure I’d bother though - I don’t find it the most accurate when on the bike - running is ok.

Opposite for me. Comparing chest strap to wrist on the bike, and they are REAL close. Running is absolute shit. YMMV situation.

I have a shortcut setup on mine. I hold down the top right bottom and it goes to broadcast mode.

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