Wahoo connection

Is there a way to make the iOS app not automatically connect to a device?

My wife and I just got a wahoo kickr. We also have a wheel on non-smart trainer. Yesterday she was riding on the wahoo and I thought I would hop on the non smart trainer. When I opened the TrainerRoad app it connected automatically to the wahoo and interrupted her connection.

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Turn off bluetooth before opening the app

I still need Bluetooth to connect to my power meter though. When I turn Bluetooth back on isn’t it still just going to connect automatically to the wahoo?

On the PC/ Android apps, TR will only automatically connect to a device that has been paired with it in the past. Can you unpair your wahoo (‘Devices’ tab in android) I think then it shouldn’t automatically do it. I think you’d need to do it though before she started.

Edit: Unpair = Forget device

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If you have Bluetooth turned off you can open the app and tell it to forget the device you don’t want it to auto connect to.

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Got it. That should work. Thanks!