Volume After a Long Break

I crashed and broke my pelvis 8 weeks ago (no surgery thankfully). My recovery is going well. I’ve been cleared for Zone 1 rides and I’m hoping to be cleared to train by 10-12 weeks post-injury.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into Sweet Spot Base.

Before the accident, I was doing mid-volume plus, with plus meaning some two-a-days and some extending the cool down by 10-20 minutes. Is it OK to go back to MV? Should I start at LV? If so, how/when would I transition back up to MV?

The “safe” approach is Low Volume to start, and possibly sneak in some extra Endurance rides if you handle the initial LV well. I think you want to be conservative after a long layoff, especially with a injury recovery at fault.


I’m in a similar situation…though not as serious. Minor fracture in a foot a month ago.

Was able to get back on the trainer after a week…but it’s been a month since I’ve done any volume or intensity, and sprinting or even riding out of the saddle is out of the question.

Personally I’m switching gears a bit and intentionally dialing things back. Going to focus on losing the last 5-10lbs I’ve been fighting for a couple years. Took a ramp test yesterday (pain free, but did lose 18 watts…). Starting traditional base mid volume, and looking forward to just riding a lot without the stress of ‘hard’ work. Going to spend the rest of the year trying to really dial in nutrition, sleep, some more general strength/core strength, and smallish weight cut.

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Thanks! That’s good advice (although it’s hard on the ego!). I think I’m thinking just LV for 2-3 weeks, then adding in a 30 min Z2 ride for a week or two, then maybe 2 Z2 rides for a week before the last week of SSB1 (recovery week). If that all goes well, I might bump back up to MV for SSB2.