VO2 max intervals never taxes lungs or heart - do something else?

I recently switched from using an echo bike (fanbike where you use arms and legs) to a turbo trainer, and quickly learned I could no longer stress my lungs or heart on the turbo, as my legs, unassisted by my arms, would crap out long before my heart or lungs presumably due to hitting my lactate threshold.

1 minute power is OK (745w at 85 kg on the road - 901 w on the echo bike), but my recovery seems poor. Are 3 min VO2 max intervals still a good way to go or should I focus on longer treshold/sweetspot intervalls to train my legs to recover more quickly?

Another option could be more strength work in the form of high rep squats and lunges.

Did you redo your FTP test after switching devices?

Or are you using the same device to measure power?

The reason to ask is that if you swap power measuring devices, you must retest with the new device. There is no guarantee that the power will match between any two devices. As such, you may be training to “old” FTP values that are not practical from the new device.

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