VO2 intervals - question about percentages

I was looking over some of the work outs and I was confused about why some vo2 intervals are done at 120% and the same work out also has the option to do it at 150%

Examples could help the investigation. :+1:

spanish needle is 15/15 @ 120%
Olancha is 15/15 @ 150%

Well if you go by a 7 zone approach like myself Olanche would technically be Anaerobic Capacity, not VO2

So despite the intervals being the same I would assume that they would target different things. My guess at least… :wink:

Spanish is a VO2max workout and Olancha is an anaerobic/neuromuscular workout. They are different workouts, not the same workout with optional power levels.

The 120% is training your body to better utilise oxygen; the 150% is training your muscle fibres.

Pretty sure the ‘150%’ is merely a high level place holder, those 30s should be hammered, even if it takes you past 150%. I wouldn’t do Olancha on a trainer, though. :+1:

Am I alone in seeing that they’re both 150%?


Ah! True dat! I didn’t zoom in with the slider.

Yeah they are the same workout w/ Spanish giving more sets.

I just saw I did spanish needle -3 so it was less.

I guess I need to make sure im doing 150% while doing my 15/15 or 30/30

Spanish needle is 150%

The minus version is less. But whenever I see it, I’d switch it out anyway, 120% isn’t much if you’re anaerobic naturally

Spanish Needle -3 is 140%, so it’s still taxing your anaerobic system. Spanish Needle -2 is closer to Olancha (both 150%, one hour duration), but Olancha is 4x9 and Spanish Needle is 4x8.

There are lots of nearly-identical workouts in the catalog (West Vidette and Birch, Beehive and Boarstone, etc.). I’ve always assumed it’s a result of the catalog being almost (over?) a decade old at this point.

altho to keep in mind, the Tabata literature says that even those classic z6 efforts will aid in vo2max too…pain AND gain, lol

Thanks for the talk guys. I will make sure to choose the 150% work outs. I enjoy the suffering… I think