Virtual Power Last Year, Kickr Core Now: Am I getting Fitter?

I’m coming back from a major knee surgery. I feel great, maybe better than ever. But, i switched trainers right after the surgery, moving from virtual FTP to measured power.

So, dumb question: Without a common FTP measurement methodology, is there a way to compare fitness now to last years’ fitness?

(BTW: I know the actual FTP matters less here; Going forward, I’ll be focused on the gains from this new baseline in the future. )

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Not definitive but if you done the same workouts this year and last (or at least similar type, ie threshold work outs last year and threshold work outs this year) you could look at your heart rate and time in heart zones and get a general indication you are doing them more comfortably.


That’s really helpful, @HLaB. Great suggestion. Compared workouts (hello Tunemah!) over the last couple years and my heart rate is significantly lower in my intervals vs. the previous attempts. So, either my FTP is too low (and the workout is easier in ERG mode) or i’m slightly fitter (I think).

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Sounds like you need to test with the new trainer. Unless you’re fresh out of surgery in which case you should listen to what you’re dr/physio are advising

Thanks, i did actually test with the trainer. Reset a baseline FTP a couple weeks ago, a couple months after the surgery. I will retest at the end of December.

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Good luck.
Recover well and onwards and upwards!

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