Victor Campenaerts - Pre-Hour Record Attempt - Red Bull

Was just watching Victor Campenaerts’ Hours Recrord attempt and there was some footage of him getting ready before heading off. I noticed that he took a swig from a can of regular Red Bull and would seemingly swish it around his mouth for a bit, leave it in there, and then spit it out into an empty water bottle. He continued to do this throughout getting ready to ride and seemed to basically finish off the can without actually swallowing any of it… What would be the point/benefit of this? Get the caffeine without ingesting? Get the like mental benefits from just having your taste buds or like receptors in your mouth get a taste of it? Haven’t seen that before so I was just curious if anyone does this or knew the purpose.

Hour Record Attempt - Victor Campenaerts - Red Bull

Maybe this:

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Surely there’s a better CHO source than the shite they put in Red Bull. Perhaps it wasn’t Red Bull in the can but as a sponsor they want us to think otherwise.

Would rather rinse my mouth with ethylene glycol than Red Bull tbh.

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Amen! That stuff tastes like sh#$e to me as well. It literally tastes like a mouthful of chemicals. No thanks! On the other hand, I have friends that love how it tastes :man_shrugging:

I’d guess it’s for fast caffeine and sugar absorption through the mouth, rather than through the gut. Also, he probably doesn’t want it in his stomach - risking some sort of gastric distress during his effort.

Don’t want to actually swallow it Red Bull - not really fit for human consumption! >.<

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