Veveresting - which speciality?

I am planning on vEveresting early December. I have just come to the end of general build mid volume so have time for a speciality block before the vEveresting.

What speciality would be best? It’s just something to do over the winter and then will have lots of time for a base phase afterwards before next year.

I thought gran fondo but there isn’t any punchiness required. It is just slogging away!

You could add full distance triathlon and remove/ignore the runs and swims.


This was my thought as well. It’s just long “easy”saddle time so train for that.

That said a bit of punch in workouts won’t kill you.

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Thanks for the recommendations. I hadn’t considered the tri plans and also ended up browsing the 40km plans. I ended up going with the 40k TT as they look manageable but should give me some growth and muscular endurance

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