Very slow TR android app startup

Why does my TR android app say “finishing install #%” every single time i start it?

It then takes 12 to 13 seconds to become available to use.

Surely this isn’t right.

Im on the latest version and the latest android version.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Its starting to irritate me now.

That’s fast compared to my Android app :joy:

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@Doughnut-Heed Hey!
I posted this on your other thread about Android issues as well, but these steps should live in this thread also for anyone else experiencing something similar.

We’re going to focus on Android optimization first. Give these a try and see if it helps TrainerRoad run a bit more smoothly. I know its a lot to go through, but for issues that aren’t known ‘bugs’, starting with device-specific troubleshooting is a great step!

  1. Re-sync
    On your phone, while on a good WiFi connection, open the TrainerRoad app, log out and back in. Once logged in, you can keep TR open for a few minutes to give your phone time to sync with the servers.

  2. Clear Data Cache

  • In your phone, press and hold the TrainerRoad App icon.
  • From the pop-up window, select 'App Info’.
  • Select ‘Storage’ and ‘Cache’.
  • tap ‘clear’ for both storage and cache, and click ‘confirm’.
  1. Close out of Background Apps
    Try closing out all apps running in the background.

  2. Force Quit TR
    Force quitting the TrainerRoad app will make sure that we’re restarting the app from scratch and not opening up the same instance that it’s been left open.

  3. Low Power Mode
    We’ll also want to make sure that your device is NOT in a low-power mode, as this can restrict the processing power given to the TrainerRoad app.
    To check this:

  • Open device settings menu and tap on ‘Battery and device care’.
  • Tap the ‘Battery’ option.
  • Make sure the toggle button next to the ‘Power saving’ option is not toggled ‘ON’ for Power saving mode.
  1. Battery Optimization
    We want to ensure that your Battery Optimization settings are not impacting the TrainerRoad app. Here’s how to check (this should be similar across Android devices):
  • Swipe down on the upper right corner of the screen
  • Tap on the ‘Settings Gear’ in the top right corner
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Battery and device care’
  • Tap ‘Battery’
  • Confirm Power saving is disabled like in our last step (should be grey)
  • Scroll down and tap Background usage limits
  • Confirm TrainerRoad is not in any list of “Sleeping apps”
  • Tap the back arrow, then scroll down, and tap ‘More battery settings’
  • Enable ‘Enhanced Processing’ (should be blue)
  1. Storage
    Let’s ensure you have at least 2GB of free storage space on your Android device.

  2. Update both TrainerRoad
    Looking at your ride logs, we’ve released a couple new versions since your last update, so lets get you on the most current version of TrainerRoad. [Dowload here].

  3. Check for Available Android OS Updates
    It’s also good to check that your device does not have any available updates to a newer version of Android.
    To make sure you’re not due for an update,

  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • Near the bottom, tap 'System’, and ‘System update’.
  • You’ll see your update status and if there’s an update available. Follow any steps on the screen.

Let me know how it goes!



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Many thanks

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Why does the app say “finishing Install and a %” everytime it starts up?

Checking with our resident Android experts to see what’s up with that. I’ll report back! :slight_smile:

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Good thanks. Looking forward to hearing why. Its done it from day 1.

I followed these very detailed instructions. Only change I had to make was set TrainerRoad battery usage to ‘unlimited’, from ‘optimized’. This replaced your step 6, which does not exist in Android 13
Here is what I see after doing that:

  1. Startup still takes 10+ seconds and the ‘finishing instal’" message flashed briefly on the screen
  2. Once started, the app is much snappier. clicking on ‘Load workout’ instantaneously loads the workout. Previously that would have taken 5-10 seconds to load

FYI, I’m running latest version of Android on a Pixel 4A

Yes ive followed all the instructions and stillseeing the finishing install message each time it starts up.

Thanks for letting me know, it looks like there are just a few rare instances of Android athletes experiencing the install percentage message frequently, so I’m communicating this to the team as a bug report so we can track the number of instances and isolate what’s causing it.

It does sound like ~10 seconds is an expected amount of time for some Android users to get going on the TrainerRoad app, but I know that’s something we’d like to improve upon in the future!

@Duppie606 I’m SO stoked to hear those steps helped app performance for you! Yay!

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Its 15sec for my TR app to be ready to use. So 50% more than you mentioned.

Thanks for letting me know. Again that’s something we’d like to improve upon, but slow startup times for the Android app are a known issue we’re working to address. :+1:

Is there any update on this?

Its not “frequently” Its EVERY time i open the app.


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The android app is taking 31 seconds to start up this morning. This is crazy. You need to fix this.


Man, i thought it was my tablet that was going slow but I bought a new one and it’s still pretty clunky and laggy.

Also find everytime i reopen the app it prompts me to log back in - it’s pretty annoying.

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I don’t use the app on my phone to train, but I do have it on my Samsung phone for looking at my training calendar occasionally. Anyhow, I’ve also been experiencing the slow starts described above (20+ sec).

So after doing everything @IvyAudrain suggested with no luck, I just uninstalled TR and did a fresh install. It’s now consistently opening in 10-12 sec. Of note though, I still see the “Finishing Install %” flash for a split second. So something is buggy.

1:30 for me from opening the app to loading the workout (with no other apps open).

Perhaps more annoying is that it used to detect my HR monitor and turbo automatically, but since the last update I have to click on devices, then do a search, which takes at least another 30 seconds.

It’s tough waiting so long in a cold garage, especially on those days when you are struggling to find the motivation to train. That extra 2 minutes is full of opportunities to bail :rofl:


WOW - that’s a huge lag

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My phone is still slow but its old and has only got 3gb of ram in total (of which 1.7gb or more is used) and there’s only 2.5gb of the 32gb storage left so I don’t blame TR. When I followed Ivy’s instructions whilst initially I got the ‘finishing install’ it stopped coming up after the 3rd or 4th startup.