Versatile Calendar App for Non-TR Activities?

To this point I’ve been using the TR calendar to add outside rides, weights, yoga, etc., but it’s a bit clunky for the non-TR side of things.

Looking for something a bit more elegant, maybe a stand-alone calendar-ish app that would allow for better visualization across weeks and months and easier data entry.

Has anyone found something they really dig that fits this description?



I use Training Peaks for this exact reason. You may need a Premium account to schedule workouts in the future - I cant recall if that is a free or paid feature. Trainer Day and others may be worth looking at, too. For me, though, I occasionally do a non-TR plan that uses TP so I maintain my premium account.


Try you can do similar things like TP and add TR calendar and any other too


I second TrainingPeaks, but as I also use WKO5, TrainingPeaks is the natural online system for me.