Verify Overall Training Time Logged in TR

Is there an easy way to check how much time you have logged from a certain date? I’m trying to see how much time to expect out of my current set of lithium batteries in my P1 pedals. I have an event this weekend and was wondering if I have plenty of run time left or if I need to go ahead and change them out. Thanks.

P.S. I estimated by going back through each entry from the last battery change but wanted to know more precisely.

You can pull up calendar and total up the weekly hours, however keep the following in mind:

  • on outside rides TR is only showing my moving time (Garmin Edge 520 with auto-pause enabled)
  • on inside rides I have TR configured to auto-pause
  • I also log strength training in TR, and those hours are included in Calendar’s weekly totals

My battery operated devices are on for longer duration than what I total up using calendar’s weekly hour total (ignoring non-cycling stuff in calendar).

Totally not answering your question, but…

I change the batteries in my P1 pedals on the first of every month. I ride about 10-15 hours/week and this keeps me ahead of it and always having confidence that they won’t die on me. Since they are (relatively) cheap AAA batteries it feels like a worthwhile investment to just have a regularly scheduled battery swap date

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