Vector 3 (dual sided) L/R weird imbalance SOLVED!

I bought a pair of Vector 3’s after reading most of their problems were solved after introduction via firmware and hardware updates (battery doors etc)

Yesterday, I received my pedals.

Installed them on the bike and updated the firmware to the most recent one (3.80 at the time of writing this) via garmin connect app.

Entered my crank length. Paired and calibrated on my Edge 830. I used 4iiii left only as a reference connected to an Edge 520. Here’s the data comparison:

Left vs Right shows a big discrepancy. L: 91 Watts R:80 Watts average over the two hour ride. You can see that both sides tracked well together and there’s no visible drops. On the surface, the discrepancy seems like it’s just on my legs. However, from using Favero Assiomas and other reliable Dual Sided PM’s in the past, I know that my legs aren’t that different. I usually get 51-49 or 50-50.

So I was naturally disappointed. I thought there must have been a factory calibration issue like Shane Miller / GPLlama experienced on his first set of Vector 3’s.

I started a support ticket.
Today they came back with this:
“Are the pedals paired to your mobile smartphone app Garmin Connect? If so, they will need to be removed and test again”

I was a little confused. The solution seemed to indicate that I’m having power drops because the pedals are connected both to my phone via app and Edge 830. However I couldn’t see any drop issues so I was sceptical. Gave it another shot regardless.

Decided to do the test outside with same setup (Edge520/4iiii vs Edge830/Vector3)

Knowing these pedals also have to be calibrated a couple times before they “settle in” the cranks, I decided to ride / record 3 short runs. Calibrating the pedals after each run. I also disconnected them from the connect.garmin app like the support suggested and even turned my BT off on my phone just incase.

Happy to say, the numbers are looking much better. L/R much more balanced and closer to 4iiii’s.

Run1: DC Rainmaker Analyzer (I initially did it as an “outdoor” ride on the edge units which screwed up the start/pause a little. Other 2 runs are done as indoors mode so there’s no auto pause/start)
Run2: DC Rainmaker Analyzer
Run3: DC Rainmaker Analyzer

In conclusion, if you’re having L/R balance issues and you’re sure it’s not your imbalanced legs, make sure you disconnect the pedals from your garmin connect app when you’re riding. Just have your bike computer paired.

Hope this helps someone and prevents frustration. I was really not looking forward to a dozen back and forth emails with support and waiting on a new pair of pedals. I’m glad it just took one email and the solution was something I’d never thought of / think that’s relevant.

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I have the vector pedals also, I never connected mine to the phone (only to my 520). Could be wrong but I think the software updates through the edge. I’ve had mine since September 2018 without issues.

Hope you like them!

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I hope so too!
Yes. I should’ve stuck with just connecting / updating via my 830. It looks like the app and the new apple ios is screwing things up. I just would’ve never guessed it would cause a balance issue! If anything I thought they would just dropout or not work or something.

Wow, I’ve been having similar power discrepancies and starting too question my life choices! Recently put my pedals on my Kickr Bike for the same reasons and had similar 10% + discrepancies but now having followed your advice and disconnecting the pedals from Bluetooth on my phone/garmin connect app all appears to now be near enough spot on.

Had raised a ticket with Garmin, took them 2 days to come back and tell me to calibrate my pedals, as if I don’t do that every ride anyway; useless. Told them that so will be interesting to see if they suggest the above!! Will update further if any other info is given to improve matters in the hope it helps others out!

For the record, you should always reset install angles on the head unit. Specially when swapping bikes or batteries.