Varia radar and Top Gun


Have you seen the second?

Nostalgic lenses are needed pretty thick on the original movie.

And ‘releasing your load’ is just nasty…

When have sequels ever worked for people that liked the first one?

I remember suffering through the great and magnificent ‘Lost in Space’ movie, and just being so glad I didn’t pay to get in to be incredibly insulted. It was nothing like the original series, and I mean nothing, like in the known and unknown universe, in totality!

It was horrific.

But some movies are better the second, or third time around. I’m not looking forward to possibly seeing that one though.

Have you seen the latest Matrix movie? Just DON’T! I could say it sucked, but I would be so dishonest. It set a new level for suck that I don’t think the originator of the word had any idea things could be that so much worse. Wow!!!

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I had a bunch around the yard one season. The wife was on my butt to mow the ‘damn yard’. I told her to go stand out in the middle of the yard and se what happened, it would be expensive and nasty. Yep, sure enough… It got me out of mowing for a while, but it wasn’t worth it…

Nasty damn things!

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The Godfather Part II. Part III on the other hand… oof.

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This usually come to mind in the middle of an interval Stay On Target - YouTube :rofl:

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This is a great thread! :joy: :joy: Just wanted to say that

Blasphemy! :worried::worried::worried::joy:


I think you are talking about the Aussie magpies, yes? Much more aggressive than the UK version which will fly away as you approach. The only UK bird that I’ve experienced attacking me has been a nesting pair of buzzards but I know that Bonxies (Great Skuas) and Arctic Terns will also harry anyone who approaches their nests but they aren’t usually found near habitation anyway.

LOL I could not relate to this more! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

It is a terrible film. Like super bad. But…the visuals are great and the footage is still some of the best air to air work I’ve seen.

My previous life was spent in that world…and I can tell you that dogfighting and top level crit racing are similar in a bunch of ways.

So you are all Top Guns in my book!

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There’s an old saying from a wise and famous person that goes something like: “Anyone who’s tired of watching Top Gun must be tired of life.”

Something like that anyway. :slight_smile:


— Wayne Gretzky
– Michael Scott

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Mighty Wings is still a go to track for a final push through an interval :laughing:

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Shame on you!!! Heresy… seriously though are you really surprised… your comparing radio too imax. In its day top gun orig whas the shiznit!!!

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I watched them in the wrong order, and recommend against it :rofl:.

It’s exactly as you say. Like trying to watch old TdF stages on YouTube and wondering why it looks like they smeared vaseline on the camera

Except if the riders from the 80’s were just leaning on a stationary bike. I really bought the flying action of the new one. Super impressive.