Varia radar and Top Gun

So. You know when you’re doing a really long ride? Once you’re hours deep, and you’ve passed through that phase where you talk to cows as they go past (having previously debated with yourself the whole relativity thing and whether you pass cows or they pass you). After you’ve started easing off the power as you go up hills because otherwise you can’t sing so loud. About then.

Do you start imagining that you’re in a fighter plane and your Varia is telling you about all the baddies? Do you say things (out loud) like “BOGEYS AT SIX O’CLOCK!”? Or “HIT THE BRAKES AND HE’LL FLY RIGHT BY!”? Or “ICE THEY’RE ALL OVER ME, GET THIS GUY OFF MY ASS!”?

Or is it just me?

Can someone make a Connect IQ app that can play quotes like that via my phone please? Triggered by the Varia. I’d buy bone conduction headphones or something just for that. Ta.


On a tangentially related note. If any of you out there are like me, 35 years or younger I guess, and had never seen the original Top Gun. Don’t go an watch the original after the new one.

The old one sucks. I’m sure it was awesome at the time. I have mates who lived and breathed the original :joy:.

New one is awesome though!

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Funny you should mention it, just this morning I was riding down a lonely Sunday morning highway and then I heard my Garmin beep twice and I looked down and saw red and 5 dots and thought 5 BOGEYS AT SIX O’CLOCK COMING IN HOT



High five!

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“I’m too close for missiles….I’m switching to guns!”

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“Your ego is writing checks that your body can’t cash.”


One of the routes I ride sometimes is right by the airport. Once I was going by as a plane was landing and felt like Maverick on his motorcycle :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@JMT As I languished in the century ride yesterday, I was definitely thinking that ‘my mind was writing checks that my legs couldn’t cash’.


:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

That would definitely be me if I attempted a century! Good job!!! Congrats!

Hilarious that you post this! I have a Valentine 1 Radar detector that tells you the direction and how many radars are around you. Ive always had this thought in my head, never actually said it!

Better your mind writing those checks than your mouth. No one dislikes the guy who bites off more than he can chew, but everyone detests the guy who talks big and then flops.

Was it a movie where the quote variation came from “mouth write checks your a$$ can’t cash”?

I’m more of a Star Wars quote guy. “You got one on your tail!” “I can’t shake him!” “Look at the size of that thing!” (Nien Nunb laugh)

As a 32 year old…I’m going to pretend like you didn’t just say that :sweat_smile:


:sweat_smile: I was sooo excited after watching the new one. Finally found it and it was such a let down.

But each to their own of course :joy:.

I’m picking you watched it some years ago. My warning is don’t watch the old one for the first time after the second

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I’m just messing with you, it’s definitely a nostalgia movie. I had the same reaction to seeing Labyrinth as an adult - I know it’s a culturally significant movie but I just couldn’t connect with it at all.

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It’s funny. I’m a massive Star Wars fan too. I’ve been watching the OT movies during Kenobi. They are objectively not as “good” but I’ll defend them forever :sweat_smile:.


In Magpie Swooping season, “Bogeys at six o’clock” is very real.


Up yours! Respectfully…

It blew me away that the town the writers did the writing for that movie was the town I was in university! OMG, the celebration put on by the town leaders was triumphant! If you were deaf and blind, you had to see/hear the commotion and celebration! it was epic. There was a parade, a key to the city, a visiting lecture series on the uni, and a huge event at the movie theatre. People got signed popcorn buckets and all kinds of junque.

It was HUGE, to say the least.

Personally I loved it. My dad was all Army, and forbid ‘his kids’ to do anything but the Army. I wanted Navy, or Air Force. Oh well… Ironically the chances of being deployed ‘in action’ was zero. It would have been a good time to be in any of the services, at the time.

All movies have their good points and bad. I didn’t like the sexism, but it was a pretty good movie. Not dripping of ridiculous CG crap. But YMMV…

I feel the need, the need for SPEED!!!

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Don’t remind us… that season is nearing again… and it’s stressful. :rofl: