V02max as percent of ftp

Going back and looking at a full year of data it is becoming clear to me that I should be doing Vo2Max workouts at a higher percentage than TR’s builtin recommendation. I would love to have a feature that would let us tweak up or down that base 120% that is used to calculate the intervals but until that day comes I am okay just changing the percentage.

I am pretty sure one of the regulars once posted a quick cheatsheet thing for calculating what percent you should change a workout intensity to get to a certain % for vo2max like intervals. I am trying to search for it but I cant quite find the right phrase. I think it was part of one of the thread-zillas like more sweet spot or the ISM training one or something making it harder to just dig up. Anyone remember what the hell i am on about?

here you go:

TR Target Intensity in App New Target
120% 100% 120%
120% 101% 121%
120% 102% 122%
120% 103% 124%
120% 104% 125%
120% 105% 126%

So if wanted to increase vo2max interval from 120% to 125%, then in TR app I set Intensity to 104%.

The formula for translating original target to new target is:

  • New Target = Original Target * Intensity

and example for 104% Intensity setting:

  • 125% = 120% * 1.04

@mcneese.chad probably has a spreadsheet with that baked in.

@IvyAudrain should pass that long to the team for consideration as enhancement, because having to do mental math on the trainer is an odd choice for UX.


this is the one I’ve got saved…


Thank you

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I hate to say it but it’s very easy to create your own sessions in TrainingPeaks. Everything ends up there anyway.
I am doing the mid-volume base but some of the workouts just down get me into the zones I am looking for. And not just the VO2 and Threshold, Endurance sessions end up in Zone 1.
Why is that?