Using wet lube on the trainer only

I noticed that my drivetrain feels smoother when I use a wet lube on my chain. Will this speed up the chain wear when I am riding mostly indoors on an indoor trainer? I am aware that wet lube makes grit and other road stuffs stick to the chain when out on the road.

  • Why would you think that?

Wet lube is great unless you are worried about shedding lube in your training area. The typical concern about dust and dirt on wet lube outside, is largely irrelevant inside with little to no exposure to real dirt.

Stick to a regular schedule of cleaning and lubing then you should be totally fine.

Edit to add:

  • Once properly lubed and spun, with the lube inside the rollers and side plates, you should remove the remaining lube from the external surfaces. This will keep any adhesion of dust in the area quite low.
  • My typical use of a wet lube includes a firm wipe down with a rag, to reduce the presence of wet lube on the chain to a minimum.

My experience with a wheel on trainer (Tacx Genius) is that certain parts get covered with dust, it must be it generating static.

Although wet lube is quieter (which doesn’t necessarily mean less wear) it does mean any dust sticks.

In this case I’ve found Rock n Roll Absolute Dry a great option. Does not last that long and is marginally noisier than wet lube but very clean and no obvious chain wear.

NB I’ve not used the new formula variant.

Wet lube attracts dirt and pretty much any stuff on the road which can easily get into the rollers. I haven’t used wet lube indoors for a while and after using it today (indoors) I found that a large amount of lubricant appears on the outer plates of the chain.

Then you can either wipe it down again (or even regularly) or swap to a different lube.

But should I have to wipe it down indoors after just one ride?

You should wipe it down after every ride. The oil makes it’s way from inside the chain to the outsides every time you ride. Dry or wet lube.

Maybe? Depends on which lube you used, how much you applied and how well you dried it to start with.