Using the Polarized plans as specialty

Was looking at the Polarized plans and realized, they might be the perfect Ultra-Distance specialty plan.
Using the standard thought of ‘the closer you get to your event, the more your training should mimic it’ they seem like a good, maybe even best, option for someone looking at 24hr tt’s and ultra distance events.
Thoughts and Opinions?

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Go for it! I did the Polarized plans at the beginning of my base phase last season and really enjoyed them. Maybe just make your long days really long.

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Cory, I thinking about polarized plans to give myself more rest time, but also give more purpose to longer rides. I was thinking about doing polarizing and manually switching out the specialized like you said for polarized. What type of mix of workout types inside the plan are you planning on using? Base, base, Polarized?? Base, Polarized, Polarized?? I’m just trying to think how this would look for a race way out in Sept. Thoughts?

I’m going to try the NorthStar, so I have to ramp up my endurance greatly this year.