Using power meters with TR

I was wondering how people go with using their power metre with and trainer power metre with TR. I’ve tried several different set ups (power match, disable, record completely separately) but i’m still not sure what the best is. I have a Tacx Flux and Vector 3s and obviously would like my power readings to be consistent. I’m finding inconsistencies with what I suspect is the calibration of the tacx/vectors or both. I ride with the vectors linked, but disabled so it records the power from my vector, but the resistance is set from the Flux power readings. As a result, I sometimes find that during some intervals my power readings are 10+% higher than my target which makes VO2 max and threshold workouts absolutely brutal… I calibrate both the trainer and vectors before each ride.

It’s really getting to me… I usually have to end up adjusting the intensity so the actual power output on my pedals is close to my target…

I’d be interested to know if anyone else uses the vector/flux combination… or any other PM/trainer combination and your experience with power recording. THanks