USACyling New Director of Membership Lindsay Goldman Podcast

Have a listen. Now you can field a question via USACyling directly to Lindsay.

I happen to know Lindsay and her husband Josh and ride with them from time to time. Great people and Lindsay is super motivated, intelligent and well spoken. We are lucky to have her in this position.


not finding on Apple yet. Will keep an eye out.

Strange, came up through the link. But searching did not find it.

They had a previous podcast called dirt field recordings. Thats where the first episode was published so it might be under that.

Yeah I just searched “dirt field” in the apple podcast app and it was the first result.

“USACommunique” by CXHAIRS LLC

Gonna give it a listen today!

(Listed under Unkown Season)

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Overall theme after listening:

“we’re trying, we’re not bad people, we understand we’ve disappointed people in the past, we don’t make a lot of money if any, we’re people & cyclists too, give us a chance, give us suggestions, ask questions”

Episode one mostly introducing Lindsay Goldman and her new role at USA Cycling, a new membership/license structure coming, with a few basic questions at the end. Curious to see how this series will go