USAC Southeast Regionals Road Race Championship

Full write up with GoPro footage can be found here.

What amazes me is in order to hang for first 1.5h at 82kg, the following was required:

387W NP!
1,757 kj
145 TSS

Masters racing is no joke!


This is awesome! You’ve got talent man.

As a 2nd tier master racer I continue to aspire towards the top tier. ToAD was pretty cool to race against and watch other masters do their thing: Emile Abraham, Randy Coxworth, Hunter East, Mike Heagney, Bart Clifford, Mark Light etc…I am lucky to race and learn from some of the best out here in the west…Tintsman, DeMarchi, Tommy Robles, Charon Smith, Rahsaan Bahati, Karl Bordine, Rigo Meza, Scott Giles etc…I try to compete but, mostly try not to get in the way.

No magic formula. Got to put in the time. Congrats.

congrats to you for going up against those guys!!! TOAD is a beast in itself. See you in CO! Be here before we know it.

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