Upper body problem (possibly) after riding 400 km

Just in case anyone else has come across this and knows of a solution. During PBP 2019 after 400 kms I experienced a situation where the bike seemed to be leaning to the left and my left leg started to hit the cross bar. I stopped at Loudeac where an event physio called Jerome tried to sort it out for me by working on my upper body/shoulders. It was still a problem to Brest and I had to stop every 5 kms to stretch. I saw Jerome on the way back but it seemed to have resolved itself. I thought it might be core related so have been doing core exercises for the last few months however I had a recurrence on the Exe-Buzzard 600 which makes me concerned for LEL.

I have developed an imbalance due to my trainer not being level (unbeknownst to me). It manifested itself over time as IT band syndrome one on leg, low back pain on the other side, and L/R power imbalance. I’ve been doing a lot of single leg exercises, physical therapy / glute strengthening exercises, and stretching. It’s been 15+months and just now starting to get rid of the IT pain.