Upgrades for XCM - Canyon Lux WC CF6

Hey All.

I am looking for inspo for upgrades on my Lux WC, I bought the cheapest model with the plan of upgrading things over time. I am in the process of selling another bike could be £1000+ in my pocket after.

I am looking for things to upgrade that would benefit the bike for Marathon / Gravel events. I have only upgraded the grips at the moment to ESI.

I am thinking 100% dropper seat post, maybe the OneUp V3. But then I am looking for cost per gram savings. So thinking tires (new Mezcal XC Race F/R) but other than that I am not sure…maybe swapping out the bar stem for this as it seems to be the lightest combo around.

An XTR cassette seems to be a weight-saving option…Any ideas would be welcome.

This is my upgrade sheet XC Upgrades - Google Sheets

I am a huge fan of having a dropper post, and would probably choose the OneUp V3, with one thing to consider. On my bike I can’t fit the 120mm, I need to go 150mm or more, so was actually the same or a little heavier than the Fox Transfer SL 125mm (Which I already had so didn’t make sense to switch)

Not a cheap upgrade, but lightweight wheels and Continental Race Kings for race day wheels / tires saved me a full pound over an already light / high end DT Swiss Carbon 30mm wheelset. There’s a lot to gain there, and for marathon / gravel, I still think the Race King is the best tire out there. (I had We Are One Revive Rims built with DTSwiss 180 Hubs and Berd Spokes - I’d consider the Berd Talon Hubs next time around at almost the same weight for less $ and already set up for the spokes)

Togs inside grips. Bar Tape at the center of the bars next to the stem for aero position.

You can do other components as you pick them up or get a deal depending on cost / weight savings…

Nice thanks for the tip @BCM on these type of events what tools are you carrying on the bike? To try and be the most self supporting?

I was looking at something like the TUBI MASTER+ WITH 16G CO2 CARTRIDGE with multi tool in the jersey etc

Multi tool, tire levers, CO2 + Head, Pump, spare presta cores and wrench, spare AXS Battery and shifter battery, tube and boot, Stan’s Dart, Old School Tire Plugs, Dynaplug. I do it in a top tube bag right in front of the seatpost, or a seat bag. Could be something I’m forgetting, but I think that’s most of it.

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