Updates on how AI FTP Detection is triggered!

Not sure why it would be “workout” related? TR may be working on the FTP in the background, but it is not actively changing or suggesting changes with frequency on a per workout basis.

This new Calendar FTP ID shows FTP changes to my TR Account Profile (with reference below), as triggered by either AIFTPD or my own manual edits (examples of each in my post above).

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If you are using the Android App (at least with my tiny phone) its easy to miss and you need to scroll back to the day the AI FTP change occurred (its not in every work out, just AI FTP changes). It easier to find on the PC/web with a bigger screen.

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It’s showing in the web calendar on my iPad the day an AI FTP detection happened:



Not showing on the iOS app which updated yesterday:

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@Nate_Pearson @ming I’m guessing its because I’ve not done an indoor workout since May when I was in the speciality block of my last plan. But my A event was the 3rd of June and after a recovery week I’ve been in a new plan and AI FTP has still not been triggered. This last month my riding has been outdoors workouts, group rides or races. Do I need to do an indoor workout to trigger AI FTP again? I’m not desperately needing to update it as I prefer keeping my FTP stable and building up TTE but I’m just curious as to what triggers it in the base period?.

I’ll check in with the AI FTP Detection team on this so we can see what’s up!

It does look like you can trigger AI FTP Detection manually (I don’t see a lock on your account) if you find yourself in a pinch.

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I got confirmation from the team that auto AI FTP Detections currently only run after completing an indoor workout, so your guess was correct!

You should be able to trigger it manually if you’d like, or it should automatically run once you complete your next indoor workout.


Hey @ming, is the manual FTP bump functioning still? I’m in specialty and at the top of my SST, but haven’t seen any prompts pop up. Cheers!

ETA: I haven’t completed an indoor workout since I reached the top of SST. Perhaps it will trigger once I do?

Hey @TheGearedGuitarist!

I’ll answer for Ming here :slight_smile:

That’s correct; you should get an adjustment the next time you complete an Indoor Workout. We hope to address this better in the future, so you don’t need to complete another Indoor Workout to get the adjustments.

Just in case, I wanted to clarify that these adjustments are not part of the AI FTP Detection feature as it does not run during the Specialty Phase. However, Adaptive Training may make an FTP adjustment that is triggered if one of your Progression Levels surpasses level nine or one of your Progression Levels is lowered below level two. If a Progression Level increases beyond a level nine or lowers below a level two during Specialty, your FTP will be adjusted by roughly 2%.


Hi Caro - thanks heaps for the reply. I completed an indoor workout today and didn’t receive any adjustment. Do I need to click/navigate anywhere? Thanks! Cal.

Hey Cal! Thank you for reporting.

Let me look into it and get back to you shortly :slight_smile:

Hey Cal, just wanted to update you that the FTP adjustment only applies to Threshold and higher zones. Our team is also considering adding this feature to the Sweet Spot zone, but I can’t say with any certainty when or if this will be added.


This is a really niche case-question… but my bike fell off a rack a few weeks ago (the only salvage was a few bearings and screws) and I’ve been riding without power for a while. Does the AI FTP decay take into account riding frequency with the sudden loss of power data, only relying on heart rate, frequency and duration? I’m riding less than 50% as frequently as I was in the spring, most of which is either commuting and an occasional 1hr-2hr ride.

I’m going to get back on the trainer in 6ish weeks and do a few workouts with power again. Wondering if I should go by feel and RPE first and then do AI FTP or just detect what TR thinks I’m at right away

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I would let AI FTP ebb and flow as it sees fit, it’s really just grading your workouts to your current fitness.

I’ve been doing very few workouts since IM Frankfurt on July 2nd and AI dropped my FTP 6% on Monday when I started a new plan. It’s no biggie, workouts will get progressively harder and my fitness will come back quicker if I don’t try to jump start it.

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This is what I would do. Go by feel and either set FTP manually or leave FTP alone and do a SS workout and adjust from there. You can always do a RAMP test if you want to :sweat_smile:

If you‘re using intervals.icu it will give you an estimated FTP based on their model and your rides with HR data. TR can measure TSS either using HR or RPE. I would guess TR requires Power Data for their model but who knows. Since the AI FTP update intervals.icu and TR track my guesstimated FTP 1:1 so maybe not?

Sorry to hear what happened to your bike. Hope you had insurance to cover the loss.

Hey @odpaul7, I am sorry to hear about your bike, :cry:

It took me back to a memory of seeing my little brother’s bike fly off the roof rack onto HWY 5 in LA on our way to a race and getting shredded to pieces by a semi! I promise after a few years it will be a good laugh, I hope!

While power is the best data you can feed AI FTP Detection, it’s built with a subset of extensive data to combine it with your current and past training history (which is quite good) to predict your FTP. However, since you’ve been riding less and mostly unstructured, I wouldn’t expect your FTP to increase during this time.

So, as @JoeX mentioned, even if your FTP does drop when you start training again with power, as you complete TR Workouts, your Progression Levels will start fine-tuning the workouts and bump up the Difficulty Level without needing an FTP change until your next prediction.

Alternatively, like @jn92 mentions, you could always perform a Ramp Test :slight_smile: And in the meantime, complete your TR Outside Workouts RPE-Based.


Thanks everyone. Biggest condolences are for the bike :joy: I’ve got renters insurance but currently in the waiting period while the adjusters are working on everything I’ve sent them. Hoping to recoup most of my costs sans the modest deductible.

I’ll let the ai ftp do It’s thing and just be conservative with the progression levels in the return to play when training picks up again