Upcoming ultra event

6 weeks to go until my next 500k event. Is it normal to increase intensity and do less long stuff coming up to race time. At the minute doing 3 weeks of 700tss avg each week and rest week of 450tss which includes 2 intensity workouts( 6 × 3 mins and 2 × 20 mins) and the rest endurance.

Before my 400k event which was on a Saturday, I did my normal TSS in the weeks leading up. On that week I did two “taper” rides (mon/tues) totalling 25% of my normal TSS week. I then took Wed/Thu/Fri off the bike (rested) and did my event on the Saturday with no fatigue issues.

Guess difference was mine wasn’t a race but and Audax. Personally I wouldn’t do any lengthy intensity stuff in the rest week, maybe some openers but nothing to add fatigue, maybe reduce the length of the intervals.

IMO the week before you aren’t going to make any gains by training that way, the only gains your body will make is giving it the ability to absorb your previous months of training and shed some fatigue. Openers will keep your legs fresh and ready…

Yes (sort of).

You’re not building endurance base in the final few weeks before the event. You better already have that! Most folks shift to doing sweet spot as the highest intensity effort for those final few weeks. (I ditch all the prescribed Tuesday VO2 efforts in the plan and swap in sweet spot work.)

Like @FatherDamo2 above, I’m an Audax rider. I’ve got a 600K this weekend and have been doing a sweet spot progression the past month. Nothing above sweet spot since I hope to never put out any efforts above 95% during my event. And ideally, I’ll keep it all below 80% but sometimes the geography doesn’t allow that…