UNBOUND GRAVEL - less then 4 weeks

Route is out. Is there really only 5000’ of elevation.

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No and I can’t tell if garmin is trolling or not.


I went back and double checked and everyone said it was 10k-12k depending on device in 2019.

How can it be 5k off.

I did my last really big ride before the event on Saturday. 145 miles with ~80 of them on local rails to trails gravel. Not a great comp for the route in kansas but it was really windy and eventually got hot-ish. I was hoping to get a confidence boost but I ended up bonking pretty bad ~7 hours in and finding my shoes and saddle both alarmingly uncomfortable as well. Thought I did a good job pacing, eating and drinking but I was carrying a ton of fatigue into this ride and I feel like that might have been part of the reason things shut down.

4.5 weeks to lose some of this fatigue and figure out how not to have a repeat come June.

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How many Cals did you consume during the ride?
7 hours is a long time also.

Great job knocking out 145

Almost 3k calories although I don’t think I ate anything the last 90 minutes even though I did have a bit left I could have eaten had I felt better.

I did 6 hours of much harder riding the weekend before and felt great at the end so I’m leaning toward the fact I did this at the end of a long 5 week block as has having more to do with it than anything I did or did not do during the ride.

You going to try to add a longer ride in prior to June 5th?

I doubt it. I’m concerned about digging too big a hole both fitness-wise and with my very patient wife and family who would like to see me on the weekends.

I think I’ll spend the last month trying to get some freshness back, spend some time in the heat if it ever gets hot here and try to dial in some of the outstanding gear/nutrition questions I can without spending 6 hours on the bike first.

If it doesn’t get hot, do other thigns to acclimatize to the heat…Z2 workouts in a hot bathroom, finishing a hard workout and then submersing in a tub of hot water, etc.

You do NOT want to get to Emporia and have it be a very hot day like what happened in 2019…looked like The Walking Dead on bikes.


I started all easy rides with no fan and final 30min of workouts no fan

Indeed. I think this is my biggest risk as someone who has not typically performed well when it gets hot. A lot of the next month will be focused on trying to get some adaptation going via the methods you outlined. Unfortunately I think the local Y’s sauna is still closed so I’ll have to get creative at home.

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As a native of the KC Metro area, I can 100% vouch for the potential of a scorcher in these parts early June. Anything you can do to help acclimate to the heat will go along way.
There’s also a 2.1% chance it will snow, so I guess be prepared for that too…


What’s everyone running for bags?
I need to figure this part out.

  1. Seat bag I have this
    Don’t have either of these.
  2. Down tube storage, might mount a bottle cage on bottom of down tube and put storage there.
  3. Top tube bag for food

2 tubes
Stans dart or dyna plug
4 oz of stans
Tire levers
3 co2

Goal will have all tire change items in down tube storage. Maybe carry stans dart and co2 in Top tube bag for a quick stick.

Only thing I want on my back is hydration pack from mile 70-170 and my tooth brush to clean my cleats.

I’ll have a seat bag that has room for a fair amount of repair equipment and a top tube bag. I also got some cargo bib shorts that give me an additional 4 pockets to hold food and more gear so that I can use two of my jersey pockets to hold collapsible flasks. I’m trying to avoid wearing a backpack as I think it’ll just make things even hotter and uncomfortable.

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A couple of helpful tips…

  • as mentioned previously, some way to lube your chain. Not certain your best options if you are running a waxed chain, though.

  • quick link for your chain

  • chopsticks or paint stick of it is gonna be wet…use to clean mud out of your derailleurs / cogs

  • put 3 or 4 wraps of duct tape around your seatpost. Can be used as a boot in case you get a sidewall slash, etc.

  • space blanket just in case

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I was going to bring squirt.
I carry a quick link, forgot to list it.
I’ll have to install chain day prior to event

I hurt my self today.

Finally finished Pisgah +5, next week I need to go up in intensity and shorter intervals or longer interval at lower %. I failed this work out last week.

Ordered my Top tube bag and down tube bag. Went with lezyne bags. Ordered stick sunscreen also.

Going to use dynaplug, might buy another kit that contains the mega plug since I only have the small plugs.

Small pump a good idea?

Absolutely…you never know how many flats you are gonna get at Unbound and you don’t want to DNF because you ran out of CO2.


Remember to think volume on the mini pump instead of high pressure roadie style. I have a Lezyne MTB pump that was great the one time it’s been used (by a riding buddy).


Yeah, I have a Topeak MTB mini-pump attached to the the side of mt DT WB cage. Decent size barrel on it…