Unbound Gravel 2024, Jonathan?

It’s also put together rather well.

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Again, this is amazing! I did an audax in January. Took me 12h & I did it at .54 IF.
Then in March I did an even longer ride, spending 18 hours on the saddle & my IF was .5. Significantly, the last 5 hours of that ride I suffered through at .43 IF.
Can’t help but wonder about the results if I could sit on .7 IF for 12h. For me that’s 212w.
Time to exhaustion at raw watts totally looks more important than FTP in these situations. Like in a hypothetical situation of someone who’s 80kg with a 400w FTP (which is awesome!) but the max they can hold for 12-15 hours is 180w. Clearly they’d have trained for something very different, & my money would be on you to beat them in a multi-century race.

Interesting that I personally had the thought & feeling in the last month that for all last year’s gains I’d been neglecting distance, & thought maybe it was time to do some more traditional base kind of training with interval sessions sprinkled in here & there. I’m encouraged that you’re showing it working. Do let us know how you go with Leadville. :muscle:

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Worth a watch -


Hah…just watched that tonight.

I think they went into the race already defeated. The course and gravel surprised them….he just didn’t seem very confident the day before the race. While it wasn’t shown in that video, member they had to get bigger tires brought in overnight after their first recent and then those tires got packed with mud on their ride the day before the race.

Knee felt fine last night. Did a crit, would day the drop of 20w in my ftp is correct. I have been tapering or off the bike for 3 weeks, this is week 4 with lower volume.

Next week will get back to it

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Holy sh*t Mohoric looks skinny. Can’t really tell that when you watch him on TV. Dude looks like he’s about to win a stage in this year’s Tour.


All those guys are teeny…Mohoric is regarded as a “bigger” rider, too!

Lachlan is basically a walking skeleton, GvA (again, a “bigger” rider) looks miniscule compared to AG’ers, etc.

Heck even Valterri Bottas, who looks like one of the bigger drivers in F1 on Drive to Survive is really small in real life. I am taller and bigger than him, side-by-sde.


It’s pretty crazy these guys call some of the other pro cyclists “skinny”, like wonder how tiny V. Paret-Peintre looks IRL.

Very strange on a lot of fronts. It looks like they were running 40mm tires at one point as well. I feel like they could have dropped in this thread and we could have given them a lot better advice than whatever they were basing their decisions on.

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Also worth noting that Mohoric was running what appeared to be DA shifters….now admittedly he was running a double, so probably had ~1:1 bailout gear, but just seems an odd choice to run a road group in 2024.

I assume that’s the difference between European and US gravel and they weren’t prepared. Then again, I felt it was common to read online just last year, 42mm for gravel is unnecessarily wide!

It seemed like they were really hedging their bets fearing more mud mayhem, and were leaning into tire clearance.

Ah that makes a lot of sense.

I saw at least one rider out there on a trek domane. In theory max tire width on those is 38 but maybe you can fit 40s. But he wasn’t out there trying to ride with the leaders or anything.

I ran Ultegra 50/34 11-34 :man_shrugging:t4:. Also possible that he prefers the ergonomics of the shifters but had different RD/FD.

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What did DJ run, I think it’s close to what MM ran

And MM should have way more power

I assume you are talking about Dylan? He was on Race King 2.2 MTB tires. Even beyond the tires, his entire approach to this stuff couldn’t be more different than Bahrain. He is laser focused on this discipline and Bahrain knows road racing. I thought the Bahrain video was good and Mohoric wasn’t talking smack and seemed respectful. No shame in trying something that’s not in your wheelhouse and having struggles.


DJ was running GRX….not certain of the exact gearing he choose.

52/36 11-34 Ultegra rings and SRAM red crank w/Shimano chain